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Long gone are the days of staying in the same job for twenty years and more fool anyone who thinks that should still be the case.

Generation Y wouldn't expect to stay in the same job position for more than 3 years, they want to climb the career ladder fast. As Generation Y( born 1980 -2000 ) will be over 50% of the workforce by 2020 it means a lot of job hopping is going to take place.

For older employers and recruiters who frown upon job hopping the advice would be to move with the times. Job hopping no longer means the candidate has a personality problem, can't hold down a job, gets bored easily or is fickle.

Job hopping these days usually means the candidate is:

  • Ambitious
  • Focussed 
  • Strategised 
  • Career hungry 
  • Connected
  • Knowledgeable 

Intentional Job hopping is good, it means there has been some strategical planning in place.

Reasons to job hop are :

  • Climb the career ladder fast 
  • Make money fast
  • Gain a broader understanding of the industry 
  • Make valuable connections 
  • Gain more experience 
  • Job fulfillment 

Because of the ability to market yourself with online profiles it means everyone is now a potential job hopper, employers and recruiters can easily remain on the look out for their next talent acquisition. 

So if it's so easy to job hop then employers need to be making it harder for their employees to want to job hop.

It can be heart breaking if you’ve taken on a new employee, trained them up for them to leave. Is it a pattern? You have to ask yourself why does it happen? 

Give your employees the ability to climb the career ladder fast, to gain experience and make connections. Make your work place such a desirable place to come to every day that it would be upsetting to ever leave it. Encourage your employees to job hop within the company, that doesn’t have to always mean up the career ladder it could mean hop sideways to learn new skills and tackle new challenges. 

A Generation Y priority is having a good work experience, a good positive company culture is important to them and finding a company with great culture is usually one of their goals. If your company has a good positive company culture then it would be harder for them to leave. If you encourage job hopping within your company you can allow your employees to explore their skills and develop their skills further, in return you get a loyal employee. Once you become the preferred employer you’ll not have to worry about Job hopping because your employees will never want to leave.

But what if they do? Let them there’s nothing more heart-warming than when you hear them say “I want to come home” 

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Julie Bishop 

Pic credit Vida Dimovska

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