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Google has a lot to answer for doesn’t it, because of them every employee now expects a slide in the office!  But do they really? 

Would employees prefer a happy workplace or a slide? 

The answer is employees want to feel happy coming to work every day, that doesn’t mean you have to have a slide, there are so many other things that can be done to create a happy workplace. 

In another post we talked about culture , the personality, the heart of the company, here we chat about the environment your employees work in. Just look around the office, what do you see? Is it bright, spacious, warm, soothing, striking, or is it, dark, draining, tattered, dated or miserable looking? 

Are you a company trying to attract energetic, digital savvy, ambitious career climbers? If you are and your company office is stuck in an era that time forgot then you’re not going to attract them. This next bit might sound a bit woo woo but there is an unwritten rule in the universe that says you will attract what you put out, so if you’re putting out the message that you’ve had your day, you’re dated, not with it anymore and basically you’re way past caring then you’ll attract people of similar qualities if you attract anyone at all! 

Look around your office and ask yourself have you created a productive workplace where employees are bursting with energy and ideas? If you haven’t then it’s time to put some plans in place to get the office buzzing. 

You may find that all you need to do to bring life into the office is a fresh lick of paint. If you do need new furniture there areso many office furniture reclaim centres which wont make a dent in the company budget, plus you get points for recycling.

When designing the new office think about what would make your employees happy, remember happy employees are productive, also it’s a known fact that happy employees equals happy customers. 


Sometimes the best company ideas come when people get together and bounce ideas off one another. Include a work area where ideas can flow, perhaps have a white board here, some comfy chairs and good coffee.


Collaboration is great but every so often a bit of privacy may be needed. Make sure that there are places for private discussions to take place, if space is limited consider a pod  

Digital free zone 

Being hyper-connected continuously can sometimes zap the energy, it’s good to include a digital free zone where employees can just relax, chat and read a good book without the interruptions of phones, ipods, lap tops etc... I would even suggest that wearable technology should be put in the locker before entry! 

Refueling station

Your employees need to be healthy and energetic to be productive so make sure there’s somewhere for them to go refuel with good, quality, preferably locally sourced food. If your office isn’t large enough for an eating area then find a local food establishment and build connections with your community on your doorstep, they want the business and you want your employees fed with healthy food, so sort it out.  

Outdoor areas 

Fresh air is needed during the day, walks and stretching should be encouraged. If you have an outdoor area make it enticing and provide a nice seating area where your employees can chat and enjoy the sun. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started. If you do want a slide I’m not stopping you but I hope you’ll understand that its not a necessity for a good, happy workplace.

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Julie Bishop

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