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In the days of “A job for life” Job hopping was frowned upon however in todays fast paced world it’s accepted, Generation Y ( The Millennials ) see it as their way of getting somewhere fast.

Is job-hopping now normal?

There’s an obvious shift, yes, job-hopping is now the norm for Generation Y but it goes without saying that they are different to Baby Boomers and Generation X. They’re less interested in money but more interested in working for an ethical employer or a company brand that they can align with , they’re known for turning jobs down if it doesn’t “feel right”.

91% of Millennials  (born between 1982 -1994 ) expect to stay in a job for less than three years. These Millennials are ambitious and want to climb the career ladder fast. They’re definitely not prepared to stay in a job for life climbing the ladder slowly, one rung at a time.

This generation (Millennials) will job-hop until they find the company that offers them what they’re looking for.

Job-hoppers are usually dynamic top performers collecting new skills in every hop, applying new skills in each job, polishing and perfecting skills along the way. This economy wont stop them, they realise that to get to the top quickly Job-hopping is the fastest route and because of technology job-hopping is on a global scale.

Good Job-hoppers are tactical, they’ll plot their job hops strategically and they will make sure that they’ve accomplished something before hopping to the next job. i.e Doubled turnover, added 10 major clients to the companies portfolio, sealed a deal with a major supplier, something that’s always going to look great on their professional profile. When hoppers hop well they’ll always hop in the right direction, up!

4 reasons why it’s good to hire a Job-hopper 

1) Job-hoppers are usually a great source of contacts collecting many on their journey.

2) Job-hopping gives hoppers an in depth understanding of their industry.

3) Job-hoppers are nearly always fired up ready for the next challenge to conquer at the next new company..they’re results orientated as its results that will get them to the top of the career ladder.

4) Job-hoppers will choose carefully where to work according to how much they will learn there.

So that’s Generation Y, what about Generation Z ? Will they also be a generation of hoppers?

We don’t know too much about Generation Z (born between 1994 – 2005 ) in the work place yet but we do know that they think completely different and they do things even faster. It seems that Generation Z are going to be the impatient generation and if they don’t get what they want from a company fast then I think they wont have any hesitation in job-hopping.

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 Julie Bishop



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