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When I announced that the business was going to be called Jobhop some people looked confused.

One person gasped and said “You can’t call it Jobhop”  their reason was “businesses don’t like job-hoppers” 

Admittedly these were the type of people who some may call "long in the tooth", the type who don't welcome change.

That was my cue to give them all the reasons why it had to be called Jobhop. 

“Because a job isn’t for life” You’ll notice that this is now our strapline. It used to be that people would leave education and go and get a “job for life”, not anymore, that type of job security isn’t about anymore and even if it was who would want a job for life? 

An average life-span of a job is now 3 years and that’s because our young generation of workers want as much experience as they can get, they want to climb the career ladder fast and they wont hang about in a job that they’re dissatisfied with, they’ll simply hop to another. 

This means our young generation of employees could easily have up to 20 jobs during their working life.

Understanding why someone would want to job hop then gives the employer an advantage, knowledge is power.

Our young generation are driven more by culture, ethics and the mission of the company they work for. Understanding what drives them the employer would be wise to hire for culture match first, making sure that the ethics also match, as well as being very clear about the company mission. 

Knowing that young employees want to climb the career ladder fast employers must show them a route within the organisation where they can achieve that. When employers understand that young employees have a thirst for experience then they should make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for them to learn different skills and develop. 

On top of that the employer needs to understand that our young generation have a different way of working, they like flexibility, they like to collaborate, they work fast and they’re hyper-connected. Talking about hyper-connectivity, the young generation of workers will expect good technology, you better make sure they have it! 

Now armed with that knowledge an employer can encourage job-hopping within the company, if everything ticks the right boxes and there’s opportunity to grow and further their career within the company then why look anywhere else? Sometimes there will be great employees who just have to spread their wings and get further experience elsewhere  to build up their connections and networks, when that happens it’s good to let them go but leave the door open for when they want to come back home. Speaking to some companies who have got this completely right say when their employees come back home, they’re then home for good! 

Job hopping is now seen in a positive light. Jobhoppers themselves are well connected, skilled, experienced, ambitious and energised, they crave to learn more and continuously want to develop, sounds like the ideal employee to me. What job hopping also means is that now companies need to step up, to keep hold of good employees they need to do a lot more, no longer is it enough to just provide someone with a job, our young generation want everything that having a job means, which goes back to culture, ethics, mission, vision and values. If a company lacks on any of them then they’ll definitely lack on talent as employees will be job hopping off to the competitor! 

At Jobhop we want to show employers how to really tap into great people by understanding them, being human about employment, being transparent and eventually learning how to attract good candidates naturally.

We also want to help people to do the jobs they love, everyone should do what they love! It makes sense to, we would be a much more productive country if that happened. Talking about country, we’re on a mission to keep our talent in the U.K, we have to! 

There’s lots more to Jobhop but you’ll find out all about it if you join the journey with us, I hope you do. 

The one other thing I’ll mention is the space-hoppers, why the space-hoppers?  It’s simple, it’s because they’re really hoppy and they’re so much fun! Everyone loves space-hoppers and because Jobhop is also a fun and social place to be, we thought “hey why not ?”

Job hop and space hopper

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Julie Bishop 

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On: 2015-06-02 00:09:10.004