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Do you have hyperconnectivity skills?

Put your smart phone down, tell your team on Call of Duty to hold on, ignore the video on your ipad, your hyperconnectivity skills are needed, read this.

Your hyperconnectivity skills are going to be required by many Businesses as we go forward into the future.

As the World becomes smaller and faster there’s going to be a need for people who are wired differently.

Business owners now realise they need to get up to speed as their competitors are becoming more technology led to become leaders in this much faster dynamic environment.

They need help and it’s probably going to come in the form of you, a digital native.

For businesses to challenge competitors they’ll need on board a team who:

  • Multitask
  • Work Faster
  • Produce Faster Results
  • Have a mass of connections
  • Critical thinkers
  • Ability to Crowd Source
  • Nimble
  • Effectively sources information on line
  • Obtains data from many sources quickly
  • Digital literacy
  • Collaborate

For many of you who are gaming, creating videos, hacking, creating speed art, podcasting, web casting, coding, chatting across the many platforms you’re just having fun, that’s right, however you also have hyperconnectivity skills which can produce an income for you.

All the 11 points above are all skills you acquire when you’re hyperconnected, you’re in demand!

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Julie Bishop



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