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The question of how to promote the publication on Instagram worries most of the owners of business profiles on the social network. Setting up a social network is easier in the official application on mobile devices, that is, you don't have to figure out how advertising integrations work through the Facebook messenger.

Trend your post by clicking a few keys on Instagram. To promote, you need to go to a business profile. Ads will not work for other account options. The transition is carried out in the account settings.

Promotion of a separate publication and where the publication then goes

In order for your photo to be seen by a large number of social network users, use advertising and promotions. To do this, select the desired photo, edit the description, thinking it over as carefully as possible. Remember, the first line of your ad should attract a potential customer. The edited post is available for further development only half an hour after its change. Otherwise, the old description will be advertised. Click on the button to advance under the photo. If the key doesn't respond in any way, try to find a solution. Presumably, the established content format will not work, especially for creating ads.

If you want to attract more subscribers from one photo, then think over the potential audience that will be interested in them. Let's take a closer look at how to promote an Instagram post with user-selected criteria.

Create yourself or choose from the search for potential subscribers

By clicking on the "Automatic" item when sending a photo for development, you will ensure that the social network will show it to all users in principle. If you have ever used a cheat , then do not choose this option - the algorithms will begin to advertise you to blank pages. Select a new potential audience, taking into account the parameters you need. If you do not have permission to promote on Instagram, then most likely you have not switched to a business profile, but are using a standard one or are in a time block. To solve the problem with the block, wait a few days without doing anything. You can switch to business in the account settings by clicking on the "Business account" button. Follow these steps to create your own audience:

  • Enter the name of the current subscribers to whom you will designate an advertising campaign.
  • Select Locations where prospective customers and buyers live.
  • Describe the interests of subscribers, what they are interested in, what content they view more often.
  • Select age restrictions, gender.

Promotions will appear not only in news feeds, but also in stories when moving from one subscription to another.

Removing a promotion

Having figured out how to promote a post on Instagram, let's talk about how to remove a promotion if it no longer works or is not needed. To do this, open the main page where your feed of posts is stored, go to the header by clicking on the "Promotions" parameter, view statistics and coverage for the last time. Go to the bottom of the screen, find the item "Delete promotion", click on it. The publication will remain in place, but updates will no longer be shown to potential buyers. If you cannot, for some reason, destroy the share, then you probably did not pay for the promotion services on Facebook. Open the social network, go to the section for ordering advertising. See if you are in debt.

Advanced advertising settings are located in the official Facebook Manager, which is built into the social network. Most of the ads are created there, campaigns are made from photos, videos, applications, products, etc. are advertised. Even without an Instagram profile, you can successfully work with users. Also if you want how to find someone's most liked photo on instagram you can to use special service.

The Instagram promotion key is the only way to develop a profile without downloading additional software or using various promotion services. Clicking a button helps create an ad without even going to Facebook. The "Promote" button on Instagram appears only after going to the business page. Next, let's take a closer look at the functionality of the key, let's talk about its purpose in the social network.

How to work with the "Promote" button on the Instagram social network

Business page owners do not know what the "Promote" button on Instagram is for, how it works and how it selects potential subscribers among users. To promote a publication using this function, follow these instructions:

Log in to the social network, select the post you want to promote.

Click on the corresponding key.

Select the purposes for which you want to use the button. This can be a call to the office or a transition to the official website. Pay attention! When you choose to visit the service, you have additional options, for example, the choice of the text of the key for the transition, accompanying the advertising photo or video. Popular bloggers often insert a "Learn More" button after ad integration.

  • Go to basic audience settings
  • Go to the provided audience settings, choose automatic or manual selection. When choosing a manual one, you will have to think over the coverage by gender, age, etc. The first option implies that the social network will promote the publication on Instagram in accordance with your current subscribers. Tie a geographic location if you have points of sale in a city.

  • Open the parameters of the budget for the promotion, as well as the duration of the photo. Most of the users stop at this point, because they do not understand how it works. It's actually simple - set the time at which your ad appears on the web and how long it will be published. Select the amount you are willing to spend on your campaign. Remember that the total will be spent as impressions and conversions increase. The budget is part of the success of the campaign, and a lot depends on it. The minimum amount that you can send for promotion on a social network is now 20 rubles. Before promoting the publication on Instagram, you write the amount that you are ready to spend. The system will automatically calculate the percentage or number of users who will click on your ad.

Payment methods for advertising services

Open Integration Preview Mode. It will show you what your ad will look like before it hits the web. Edit the content if something doesn't suit you. A regular post differs from an advertising one in that the word "Advertising" is written next to the nickname, and after the description there is a button "Learn more".

The last point in the preparation of an advertising campaign is the choice of the method of payment for the services provided by the service. Select the country where the payment is made, the payment system, for example, through a card. The promotion of the post on Instagram will begin only after the full amount stated earlier has been paid. Money will be withdrawn every time someone clicks on the link and views your profile content. If users skip ads, money will not be charged.

When all the settings are done, click on the "Next" button. You will be taken to the home page. Although the button is called Promote, it will not launch a professional advertising campaign. Within a period of time - from 30 minutes to an hour, photos will be moderated. Only after all the checks, the system will start advertising the content.

What are the development restrictions

If an error occurred while creating the page, Instagram advertising stopped working, then you violated some social network rules and the moderators temporarily froze the possibility of promotion. The most common restrictions are as follows:

  • If you have not activated a business profile, then the functions will not work either.
  • There is no Facebook page linked to your Instagram account. This is an important point to keep in mind.
  • The post is against community guidelines and cannot be published.

The content of the ad must not contain obscene materials, for example, content of the 18+ category. You can not advertise alcohol, tobacco products, medicines and drugs. The complete list is described on Facebook. Thus, if you do not understand how to promote a post on Instagram due to the lack of the required key, you most likely did not activate a business profile, did not link it to Facebook, or publish content rejected by moderators. Delete the post and create a new one if you can't fix anything.

We figured out what it means to promote on Instagram, talked about Facebook and Instagram services and what should be taken into account when creating an advertisement. There is also a category of users who will not click on the ad. These are those users who do not like any advertising in principle, even regardless of whether they need the advertised product or not. There is no way to remove ads from the feed; only the person who launched and paid for the campaign can do this. Remember! For competent targeting, information is collected from all social networks, in particular from Facebook. It is Facebook that will help you conduct a high-quality campaign by choosing the right audience.

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