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Kundalini yoga is a powerful form of yoga that combines movement, breathwork, meditation and chanting. It's a holistic practice that offers many mental and physical benefits.

It focuses on awakening the coiled up energy that lies dormant in the base of the spine. This energy is believed to bring the experience of self-love and inner peace.


Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice as much as it is a physical workout. It incorporates chanting, breathing techniques, and movements designed to increase life force and create space for spiritual awakening.

A typical class begins with an opening chant, also known as a tune-in. Next, there’s a warm-up called pranayama or breath exercise, followed by a set of postures paired with meditation. Each set is called a kriya, and the length of each depends on the instructor.

Most kriyas are done with the eyes closed and focused on the third eye (Ajna Chakra – sixth). You may have to move the tongue around your mouth, or hold the breath for a long time, so be prepared for a challenge. This is a great workout for the whole body!


Kundalini yoga combines postures, breathwork, meditation, and the chanting of mantras to balance the body, mind, and spirit. Also known as "the yoga of awareness," it was founded by Yogi Bhajan and has several science-backed benefits.1 For example, it's been shown to decrease blood pressure and pulse rate as well as boost memory retention.

Most classes include a series of yoga poses called "kriyas." Some of them are familiar to students of other forms of yoga, while others are more physically intense and may feel “weird.” The kriyas require long holds in postures that strengthen the muscles and increase core strength.

Dedicated practitioners often wear white to expand their aura and project positive energy out into the world. After a session of postures, teachers will play the gong for a healing savasana (corpse pose). The class closes with a short meditation for prosperity.


The breathing techniques of Kundalini yoga for beginners online can help you feel energized and grounded. One of the most popular is Breath of Fire, which uses your diaphragm like a bellows to rapidly pump oxygen in and out of your lungs, cleansing your bloodstream and energizing your whole body.

Other breathwork exercises are geared to balance your energy, such as the Aerobic Capacity Kriya. This simple yet balancing set of three exercises includes abdominal breathing, a lung-expansion exercise, and a closing mantra chant. It's a quick and easy way to restore your energy when you need it most. It also strengthens your immune system and promotes spiritual growth. It's a practice that can benefit anyone, from a beginner to an experienced yogi.


Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice that incorporates movement, breath work, chanting and meditation. It has risen in popularity in recent years and offers physical and mental benefits. People who practice Kundalini yoga report emotional healing, more energy and calmer minds.

Each Kundalini yoga class consists of an opening chant, a warm-up for the spine and a kriya (a set of postures that are paired with breathing techniques). Many classes also include mudras, which are hand gestures that yogis believe have connections to the brain.

This introductory Kundalini yoga class is designed for beginners and will strengthen the body while relaxing it and increasing flexibility and focus. The kriya (set of exercises) will stimulate the Pituitary Gland, which is the Master gland that regulates your thyroid, adrenals and reproductive system.


A key component of Kundalini yoga is chanting ancient mantras. The repetition of these sounds stimulates a unique energy flow through the body. Chanting is often combined with a variety of meditations.

Beginners will find many online classes designed specifically for them. Some are geared towards specific physical benefits while others are meant to strengthen the mind and spirit.

One of the most popular Kundalini yoga kriyas is called Kirtan Kriya. This meditation uses the most important mantra from this yogic science. Its words are ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO. This mantra is a salutation to the master that exists in all and knows everything. It is a statement of trust that you are in good hands. This meditation can help you tap into a deeper level of confidence and awareness.

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