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Social recruiting is very much important as we move to a new future of work.

The current pandemic is disrupting the world of work, many jobs no longer exist, but new job roles are emerging and a new way of working is upon us. 

Many companies have had to embrace new technology a lot faster than they had planned for and now need candidates with different skills. 

Some companies have also had to pivot and do something completely new to survive and require agile candidates. 

Currently, many companies are planning for a new future, different from their original vision so they are evaluating and rethinking their operations and strategies. 

This includes recruitment strategies because what might have worked before may not work now, a different approach is required. 

2020 has got us all looking at “what’s normal?”, it has made us do things that were scheduled for the tomorrow year, now. Working from home, having daily staff meetings on Zoom, conducting job interviews on video, using AI to help with qualifying candidates are all the new norm, so it makes sense to fully embrace social recruiting as well.

Employers know that top talent won’t be trawling job boards, they know they’ll be snapped up very quickly; the question is who will they be snapped up by?  The answer is probably their competitor because they've been learning social recruiting.

Even if you’re an employer who won’t be recruiting for a while you still need to be looking at your recruitment strategy for the future. Be forward-thinking and plan ahead, be the employer who connects with talent now before your competitor does. Master social recruiting and be the company that naturally attracts talent, so when it’s all systems go again you’re prepared, and won’t have to struggle to fill positions. 

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