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What marketing jobs are there in the car industry ?

The car Industry always follows trends, and the only logical action for automotive marketers was to transfer a big part of their marketing campaigns onto the internet. Just as every other business, the approach to car industry online marketing is rather specific, and here are some of the interesting marketing jobs that you can get in this niche.

Internet sales manager

Cars are big purchases, and the customer will do plenty of research before making a decision.  As well as asking friends, family and their connections for advice, they’ll research online for information and recommendations, as well as check the reviews. The job of an internet sales manager would be to personalise the user experience of the websites and other sale mediums, as well as work with the customer service team, development team, sales team and the marketing team to get the best results. An internet sales manager also needs to be a person who people trust, that can be done by establishing an online presence.

Events manager

A good way to market cars is to showcase them and give customers a live experience. A good event manager will know their way around social media marketing as well as content marketing to organise good events, create a buzz and get people attending. A good event manager will also use a live event to generate more buzz around the car or cars by encouraging customers to tweet, live stream, video and take pictures to share. 


The car website blog is part of public relations, and that‘s why someone who writes the blog and represents the car company should not only know about cars but also how to use the blog for PR purposes. The blog is important when it comes to the big issues in the industry such as gas emissions or technical faults; this is when a good understanding of PR is needed for crisis management. 

Website moderator/administrator

Websites such as Kelley Blue Book often have huge databases of cars and can be very active with people checking the value of their car they wish to sell and looking at cars they wish to buy. Web admins need to know their way when it comes to the technical problems a lot of website traffic can bring, as well as moderating conversations and promoting cars. A website moderator needs to plan how to get people who visit the website interested in the cars they have for sale and to keep the conversations flowing, so they have a good experience and go on to buy a new car. 

Social media marketing manager

Pictures and videos of cars are eagerly shared over social media, so you need to be creative in this field to promote your brand of car, so it stands out above the competition. One thing is certain – a Social Media Marketing Manager needs to know how to build a community of fans and how to capture the imagination of people online with interesting tweets, posts, pictures and videos.

So, you love cars; you love marketing, all that’s left to decide is what marketing job would be better suited to you. 

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Michael Ivanovic

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On: 2017-01-20 18:14:37.24