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When you want to work as a marketer, you, first of all, need to promote yourself. There is no better way to show how good you are at marketing than testing all your skills on marketing yourself.

To get that dream marketing job or marketing contract your first job is to establish a strong online presence.

Once you establish a strong online presence, you'll be noticed, and you'll probably get a marketing job in no time.

Here is a short TODO list that will help you get you started in the art of online personal promotion

1. Create and boost your LinkedIn profile

An important step for every marketer is to be present on a platform for professionals; an obvious choice is Linkedin. There are two ways to boost your profile on LinkedIn.

(a) Pay to boost your Linkedin profile 

(b) Spend time to boost your Linkedin profile organically.

There is a third, and that's to combine the both.

The first one may not be an option unless you have a marketing budget to start with. The second option includes connecting with people, writing useful and professional articles on LinkedIn, actively participating in groups, engaging and interacting with others. To start with the 2nd most popular option would probably be best. 

2. Be active on other social media platforms

After LinkedIn, you should consider establishing your presence on other social media platforms. First of all, make a Facebook Page (personal brand page) for yourself or your business (business page) and start to build an audience. You can also pay to boost posts, advertise and target people who might be interested in your skills, or, just like Linkedin you build it organically. 

Apart from Facebook, which is a very important medium, you should consider creating a Twitter account, Google+, maybe a Youtube channel,  Pinterest, Instagram or even Snapchat. Marketing people today are expected to know about the most popular platforms, they are expected to advise clients on the best social media to use to reach their clients.

3. Create a blog and update it regularly

Another part of establishing your online presence is creating a blog. A blog should be about your expertise, offering useful advice on how to approach certain challenges in your job. You can write about your past experiences and how you solved them.  

Build your audience and share your knowledge with them, so that you can increase your presence. When you keep adding to your readership, it means that you have the solutions that people are looking for, you've become a thought leader, and your presence is felt. 

A blog is also good for SEO, attracting the right people to you because of how you've used words, titles, tags, etc..

4. Create a great website

A website is the pinnacle of your presence on the internet. Nowadays, you do not need to be an expert in coding to have a solid-looking site.  

Many people in the digital marketing industry create their websites via WordPress. You can find a lot of free tutorials on YouTube on how to create a great landing page or a full website on Wordpress. 

5. Start several short-term freelance jobs

To build your portfolio, you can make a profile on platforms for freelancers such as UpWork. These platforms contain thousands of job offers, and you can easily land one very quickly. Although the pay might not be great in the beginning, it will serve you to show it as work experience; people like to hire people who have had experience. 

All the above tactics will increase your online presence on the World Wide Web stage! 

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