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Out of all the social media websites, LinkedIn is the one considered for the professionals.

There are opportunities for freelancers and those looking for employment but the trick is to use it effectively.

Here are some tips to get a job using LinkedIn.

Make Your Profile Professional

Remember that this website is for the professionals. It’s not your Facebook or Twitter where you can send updates about your day at the shops and include photos of the weekend, this is Linkedin. You want to look professional to anyone who views your profile.

Start by working on your profile photo. You don’t want anyone else in the shot. Consider having a professional headshot taken, this removes the noise from the background. Have a pleasant smile on your face so you look approachable but try not to look like a cheshire cat.

Update Your Profile

Make sure your profile on Linkedin is updated. Don’t just list the companies you have worked for or the schools you’ve attended, add detail and include the skills that you’ve learned on your journey. Your Linkedin profile can be more detailed than a regular CV, remember to think about keywords so potential employers can find you!

Use the Job Board to Help

LinkedIn has its own job board. Companies all over the world will add their vacancies and you can apply with your profile. This is a quick way to send in applications and increase your chances of getting an interview—as long as your Linkedin profile looks great.

Follow the Companies

Each company will have its own page that you can connect to and follow. This shows that you are interested in the business and want to learn more. Do this whenever you send in an application—and even before you send one.

LinkedIn is an excellent way to find employment. Check the job board regularly and make sure your profile brings out the best in you. By being an active member, you’re more likely to get that job!

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