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Emotional support animals are known to provide comfort and love to people that shy from human contact and are suffering a sort of stress. Since animals are non-judgmental, people could be their true selves around them.

This happens a lot with young adults and teens that may experience different types of emotions and could not explain them. In such a case, a feline or canine friend is a great help.

Following are the top 4 ways an emotional support animal letter could help kids and teens.

1. An ESA is Easier to Approach

Humans are complicated and let's face it, we think too much and this makes human contact difficult. However, approaching a dog or a cat is a lot easier. They do not judge and they don't ‘care’ if you are not that affectionate also. They are known to give and take affection no matter what.

Therefore, a pet or an ESA could turn a cold and distant kid or child into someone warm and more social.

2. It is Always There

A troubled kid or teen needs someone to listen to them. Many teens and growing kids think that adults and especially their parents do not understand what they are going through. No one knows the art of listening better than these cuddlies. We all know that a cat or a dog is the world’s best listener and they will not tell your secrets also.

This is why having a pet or an ESA provides such kids and teens an outlet where they could let go of their negative emotions and process their feelings.

3. It Helps with Stress

Kids and young adults have a lot to stress about. Emotional support animals are known for releasing this stress and helping people with managing their emotions in a better manner. A hug from your beloved cat or dog will help to lower your blood pressure and encourage the production of ‘happy hormones’ in your bloodstream.

4. It Helps in Better Communication

It is one of the most widely known benefits of an emotional support animal. Children and teens who are shy to talk to new people or share their inner thoughts and feelings. Pets and ESAs help them to communicate and speak their thoughts. This works as a healthy exercise for them that gives them confidence.

Obtaining an ESA is essential to live and travel with your beloved friend but finding a legitimate source could be difficult. One way of doing it is to search for a free emotional support animal letter sample and see what things are added in it.

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