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Now this group of concubines, once treated by her hand, all the rashes on their faces miraculously disappeared, their complexions gradually turned white and ruddy, and their lips were pale pink. Seeing that all the sisters had been cured, all the people in the queue behind them became anxious and angry. After all, women are the most beautiful, without this face, they will not have the courage to live. After a while, Li Yue finally cured the concubines and palace maids one by one, and left some red and white pills in the palace, telling them that if anyone was poisoned again, they could take the pills. Without her acupuncture, just taking pills would be slower to recover, but it would be better than dying. Just after the diagnosis, Li Yue's face was soaked with thick fragrant sweat, her little face was flushed, her thick black eyelashes blinked slightly, and everyone was dumbfounded. The concubines all knelt down and thanked Li Yue a thousand times. They all praised their good medical skills. Miss Nangong Qi, who was originally weak and timid, made everyone sit up and take notice at the moment. She is no longer the humble one at the beginning. She is an attractive woman full of vitality and wisdom. Everyone is amazed, grateful to Li Yue, and likes her. Compared with Qin Jing Tong's viciousness,interactive panel board, now Liyue and her comparison, let everyone like it very much. At the time of leaving the palace, the palace road had already spread the word that Liyue had cured the plague, which spread faster than the plague. The white horse and golden chariot walked smartly on the imperial palace road, and the good name of Liyue Shenyi had already spread all over the world. Just half a day, the silver city people talk about this matter. Everyone said that once that silly young lady, now cured the plague, raised the prestige, the world all knew. Even though the palace wanted to keep the plague secret,interactive flat panel display, the fire could not be wrapped up in paper and spread like the wind. Miss Qi, who was once looked down upon, is now impressive. This change is enough to make Silver City talk for three days. A group of people returned to Nangong Mansion in a mighty way, and were greeted by Nangong Youruo Zhenghou Gate, which had already been prepared. Nangong Youruo is dressed up, smiling, graceful and graceful, dressed in a light red wedding dress, hair combed into a beautiful beauty bun, with a valuable gold hairpin and silver hairpin slanting on it, Luo skirt leisurely, painted eyebrows congealed Dai, looks gorgeous. Her elaborate dress shows that Aunt Feng has spent a lot of money. As soon as the jade curtain of the golden chariot was lifted, Nangong Youruo walked up to the two of them and saluted them respectfully: "Youruo has seen my husband and my sister." This husband, heard Liyue eyebrows slightly frown. Qin Jing Yu, on the other hand, 75 inch smart board ,touch screen board classroom, looked at Li Yue with a smile in his eyes, which was completely different from his attitude towards Nangong Youruo. Had it not been for an imperial edict issued by Feng Lin when they left the palace, telling him to take Nangong Youruo back to the palace, otherwise, he would have ignored it. Feng Lin is really not discouraged, placed one chess piece after another in his side, and now there is a fake star. Think he'll fall for it? He's not a fool. Liyue has tiny eyelids. She is really not used to serving a husband with other women. She is a neat freak. She only likes a pair of people all her life. Two people are just right, into one person, the taste is completely changed. The Dongfang Jiner in the back also looked at her husband with a covetous face, eager to get involved. Even the men looked at him in amazement. It seemed that her husband had a good charm, young and old, men and women. After saying goodbye to her parents, Li Yue told Qin Shi and Aunt Feng to take good care of her mother. If something happened to her mother, she would not give up. A group of people stepped on the sedan chair, Nangong Youruo and Dongfang Jiner took a soft sedan chair respectively, and were served by palace maids. When Li Yue was about to get into the sedan chair, the man behind her, who was as gentle as jade, suddenly picked her up and slanted her into the sedan chair while she was unprepared. Li Yue glared at him bitterly, blushing, and there were so many people watching outside. However, there is a dull pain in my heart. He was a king admired by everyone, and in this age when three wives and four concubines were very common, he could never have only one wife in his life. He will take more concubines, like Feng Lin. Think of the three thousand beauties in Fenglin Palace, Liyue has some stage fright in her heart. Will Qin Jingyu be the same as Fenglin in the future? Thinking of this, she suddenly thought of herself in her heart. Why is this so? If she had heard that Qin Jingyu was going to marry Youruo before, she had no feeling at all. But just now, when she heard Youruo's soft call for her husband, her heart was as painful as if she had been cut by a sharp blade. While the fugue is in Taixu, the team has already set out. Gradually, the white horse JinChe surrounded by fighters and bodyguards came down to the silver city street, ready to leave the city. On the east side of the street, a vast mansion is Xuanwangfu. When the golden chariot passed Xuanwangfu, the sinister man standing in front of Xuanwangfu's gate was full of anger in his eyes. The majestic pomp and circumstance, the huge sedan chair, and the crowd passed by the gate of Xuanwangfu, as if they were demonstrating with him. Remembering that the men and women in the sedan chair might be doing something that made people daydream, Fengduan clenched his fists fiercely and his eyes were full of hatred. Nangong Liyue used to be his fiancee. He only threw her away as an ordinary stone. Now she has transformed into gorgeous gold and married a man who is a thousand times more gorgeous than him. The two men seemed to be deeply in love and congenial, and wherever they went, they were a pair of enviable wall people. He did not understand how the king of Qinyang, who was one in a million, could take a fancy to Nangong Liyue, who was once a fool. Hum! It's just wearing the old shoes he doesn't want. What's the air. A pair of eagle eyes coldly watching the golden car dazzling across the street, his heart was already full of jealousy, eager to rush into the car to snatch the woman who originally belonged to him. Wait for Nangong Liyue, one day, his dust will make her regret not choosing him. With a few bangs, the man in Xuanwangfu had already thrown the teacup. Feng Dun Ran has been unbalanced since he saw the white horse and golden car passing by outside. He was very angry when he saw what he fell. Liu Qianqian and Nangong Zhaodi, who were twisting their waists and walking carefully, looked at each other with hatred and quickly walked into the hall. As soon as I entered the hall,65 inch smart board, I saw the teacup crumbs all over the floor, and if I was not careful, I would step on them and hurt my feet. hsdsmartboard.com

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