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Then he was in high spirits and said, "Tonight's second assassination is bound to be extremely dangerous. We must find another helper. You go to find the teacher fairy and the strange guy Yin Xianhe. I'll go to find Yue Kepeng and Song Shidao. Then I'll go to the palace for a banquet to see how Fu Nanda's tongue is like a lotus flower and his eloquence is not hindered.". Ha! It's really getting more and more interesting! Xu Ziling looked at the sky and said, "This heavy rain is the best cover for our whereabouts. Let's get things done quickly before the rain stops." The two men each played the umbrella given by Duchenne and went separately. ww w . xia oshu otxt.co m [Volume 42] Chapter 10 Enemies have a narrow road. T, xt, small; say Tian'tang Kou Zhong slipped into Zhuque Street and walked out to the guesthouse in the rain. The number of pedestrians on the street was greatly reduced, and all kinds of rain gear were magnificent. The awnings were crowded with people sheltering from the rain, and the taverns and restaurants were all full. It was another scene. The wound in Kou Zhong's chest is still dull and painful. Fortunately, the damaged meridians in his body are recovering rapidly after conditioning. Suddenly I remembered a question, and I couldn't help wiping a cold sweat. Duchenne was half a Khitan, and he should have a close relationship with Huyanjin, who was also a Khitan. Huyanjin knew their relationship with Yuekepeng. If he went to Yuekepeng like this, he would probably not be able to avoid Duchenne's eyes and ears. Duchenne was suspicious when he did not mention Yue Kepeng just now. Now he, Kou Zhong, hurried to find Yue Kepeng. Duchenne must have thought that he had another plan, and that tonight's plan would not work. Think of here, turn into the cross street. Duchenne has tens of millions of reasons to kill him and Xu Ziling, first of all, if eighty thousand sheepskins are robbed by him and Xu Kaishan, afraid of two people to pursue, then to strike first. Secondly,faux ficus tree, more importantly, Duchenne and Xu Kaishan were afraid that they would support Jing Kang to drive them away from Shanhaiguan. If Xu Ziling's guess was correct, Duchenne did not know Xu Kaishan's identity in Daming Zunjiao, then Duchenne and Xu Kaishan had their own evil intentions. But the tragedy of the Anle Gang was done by Xu Kaishan without telling Duchenne, in order to be discovered by the leader of the Anle Gang Xu Kaishan's identity in Daming Zunjiao. After going round and round, their ideas have gone astray, but in the end they have returned to the first conclusion. Only under the protection of Duchenne and Xu Kaishan,faux ficus tree, the wolf thieves were able to run amuck and their whereabouts were like a mystery. Only a wealthy man like Xu Kaishan could buy off Shu Dingtai, the vice leader of the Anle Gang. The latter was killed by the coquettish lady in Yinmayi, because Shu Dingtai knew that Xu Kaishan was the mastermind behind the tragedy of the Anle Gang. I didn't think it would be so useful to talk with Duchenne. But it's still a big bet. They do not have any real evidence to conclude that Duchenne will collude with Huyanjin to harm them tonight, if they are wrong, and Duchenne is innocent, then tonight not only can not kill Shenweihuan, but also offend Duchene and Kedazhi. Seeing that there was no one around, Kou Zhong took out the mask of "Miraculous Doctor Mo Yixin" from his bosom, put it on his face, then turned into a ready-to-wear shop, and when he came out, he turned into another person. In the meditation room of Shengguang Temple, it is quiet, peaceful and isolated from the world. The heavy rain continued to fall, silk olive tree ,artificial grass panels, and the rain on the tile roof became numerous temporary waterfalls, which poured down along the pits on the tile surface. Although there is an umbrella to prevent rain, Xu Ziling still wet half of his body, after the injury, there is a feeling of Xiao Tiao in distress. But in the face of Shi Fei Xuan's immortal appearance, all this has become irrelevant. This is the third time he has seen the fairy since he got up. Shi Fei Xuan sat beside him and examined his face. "Is Zi Ling hurt?" She exclaimed. Xu Ziling nodded and said, "I almost lost my life." Tell us briefly about the assassination this morning. Shi Fei Xuan asked him to raise his hand and gently put his slender finger on his wrist. When Xu Ziling felt warm in her heart, she was shocked and said, "You are really badly hurt. You can't fight with others in a short time." Then he frowned and said, "Where is Kou Zhong going?"? I'm going to find him with you right now. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous to be intercepted by the enemy who knows your injuries. Xu Ziling wanted to say that if Kou Zhong was slaughtered, wouldn't Li Shimin be the biggest enemy? But at this time, of course, he would not say such a big thing to kill the scenery. He also thanked Shi Fei Xuan for his concern for their brothers. He said with a smile, "We are playing a game of false and true. We are still successful at least at this moment, so we can sit here.". ” Shi Fei gave him a reproachful glance. The pure True Qi was input from his fingertips to help him heal his wounds. His tone was very calm. He said calmly, "If Kou Zhong's injuries are close to yours, you two are not qualified to play any games at all. Kou Zhong wants to be brave. You should dissuade him instead of echoing him." Xu Ziling said, "This is called putting them to death and then living.". We have two goals tonight, no matter how difficult it is, we must try to accomplish them, that is, to kill Shen Weihuan and Shi Zhixuan. Shi Fei Xuan said angrily, "What you should do most is to hide and have a good rest. Shi Zhixuan's affairs will be handled by Fei Xuan and Zhu Hou." Xu Ziling shook his head firmly and said, "Don't worry, Fei Xuan. There is a way to get hurt. We must teach Shi Zhixuan that he can't escape. Otherwise, it will be a waste of effort and we will lose the chance to encircle and suppress Shi Zhixuan forever." Shi Fei exclaimed, "I don't understand how you can deal with Shi Zhixuan, a master of magic skills, under the present circumstances." "Time doesn't allow me to give a detailed explanation," said Xu Ziling. "In short, Kou Zhong and I have a set of self-created joint magic. We can still threaten Shi Zhixuan with serious injuries. I would like to ask Fei Xuan to contact Zhu Yuyan and tell her about the situation tonight so that everyone can cooperate with each other. It's important. Fei Xuan must trust us. "You always like to do unexpected things," said Shi Fei with a sigh. All right, what's going on tonight? Xu Ziling told Duchenne, Ke Dazhi, Bao Weihuan, Hu Yanjin, Han Chaoan, Fu Nanda and others without omission, including the cause and effect, his and Kou Zhong's guess and judgment, and then said: "Even if we can't succeed in killing Shen Weihuan tonight, at least we can prove what kind of person Duchenne is." Shi Fei Xuan said lightly, "If the enemy assassinates you before you go to the banquet, not only will your clever plan come to nothing,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, but you will also lose your lives." Xu Ziling said in astonishment, "We are so confused that we haven't thought about this possibility." Shi Fei Xuan smiled and said, "The bystanders are clear.". Alas! 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