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Fang led Fu Zhenyu, and as soon as he entered the backyard, the maids and so on looked at each other in astonishment, because they did not know Fu Zhenyu, how could the master take strangers into the inner courtyard? .. Fang asked in a deep voice, "Has Master Xi ever come in?"? Where did he go? The maids bowed their heads and answered respectfully: "Master Xi just asked the maidservants to tell his wife that the master wanted him to take the fourth young master out to meet everyone." "What do you say, madam?" Asked Fang, nodding his head. "Madam ordered her servant to ask Master Xi to go to Lan Gui Jing She in the back garden to look for him." The side is different a foot, to Fu Zhenyu way: "Brother, please go to the left. Let's go to the right and meet in the back garden so as not to miss it." Fu Zhenyu swept away. Leaving the maids staring at each other. In the vast back garden, flowers and trees, small bridges and flowing water, rockeries, pavilions and pavilions are all available, all of which are magnificent and bold. Near the side of the inner courtyard, there is a row of exquisite buildings with iron tiles and copper eaves, which are built for the four sons and two daughters. Inside,artificial coconut palm trees, there are study rooms, training rooms, bedrooms and other facilities for practicing martial arts, which have always been listed as forbidden places except for the Xibin Chair designated by Fang. That is, "Lan Gui Jing She". At this time, in the underground training room of the fourth Jingshe,large artificial blossom trees, there was a soul-stirring scene. Master Xi hummed ferociously: "How dare you to hide in Fangjiapu? You must be a member of the'absolute religion 'and want to harm Shaodong's plot." He was scolding a man who was wrapped in white clothes from head to foot outside of Zhang Xu. He moved towards the right wall. People calm tunnel: " 'A thief crying'stop thief.' Is that what this is?" Master Xi's eyes flashed fiercely, and Yin said: "What are you talking about?" The man in white: "My friend, there is no need to say one more word in front of a wise man." Master Xi rapped out: Who is your excellency? Hide your head and shrink your face. Why don't you dare to see people? The man in white said slowly: "Have known each other for many years, but how are you?"? Why ask knowingly? It's not interesting enough! Master Xi's eyes twinkled and hummed: "Nonsense. When did you know your excellency?" The man in white: "More than ten years ago!" "Where?" "Xuchang!" Master Xi body a shock, nu way: "What words?"? Master Ben has never been to Xuchang! "Well, the chance encounter at the Xiangguo Temple in Luoyang and under the numerous pagodas in Kaifeng are not all forgotten, are they?" Master Xi blinked his eyes and blurted out, "Are you.." A meal, and drink a way: Why don't you dare to see people? Now that you know my master, why don't you show your true colors? The man in white laughed and said, "Of course, but we should meet each other with our true faces." "What words?" Master Xi said in a harsh voice, silk ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, "I didn't put on my mask. That's all. It's proved that you haven't met me at all." The man in white laughed. "Maybe it is-I'm just familiar with it. With your idle face, I really don't know Jing." Master Xi interface way: Your Excellency, you are about.. It can also be said that there must be a mistake. ? There are too many people in the world who look like each other. Don't treat Feng Jing as a cool horse and make a joke about Huben Zhonglang! The man in white: "Yang Huo looks like Kong Qiu. Loyalty and treachery are different. Virtue and foolishness are different. I don't like to talk too much. I have a lot of nonsense. You should get to know each other." Master Xi moved his feet and hummed: It's all nonsense! Sir, before you disturb the master, you should retreat quickly, and the master will not pursue your background. It's better to make friends with each other. Otherwise, when the master gives the order, it's like a thunder pool. You can't get away. You can't escape! The man in white laughed. "Thank you, please rest assured, is the host to entertain me this uninvited guest, elegant fist, no trouble.." He pointed out like lightning and shouted, "He who acts rashly will die!" Master Xi just turned his right palm to the man in white like lightning and snapped his fingers on the stone wall. As soon as the man in white spits out his finger, it is his right palm that flies. The white clothes open without wind, and the drum rises like a sail. Master Xi's right palm closed quickly, and his body moved quickly! With a crisp sound of "Tuk", a hole in the stone wall was several inches deep. It was the strength of a finger of the man in white that made Master Xi avoid it. As soon as the man in white pointed to the air, it was also equivalent to hitting and eliminating, forcing Master Xi to reduce the force of his fingers to the stone wall and deviate from the position. The man in white laughed softly: "The old friend has been away for many years, and the skill stops here."? Don't try to break through the wall and get away without talking about the old days. I know the little civil engineering news here like the palm of my hand. Don't bother. You should know that there is no secret in the world forever. You can hide it from people for a while, but you can't hide it for a lifetime. If you are smart, it's time to have a showdown. How about having a good talk with each other for many years? Xi Shiye eye shot terrible awn, repair to slow look, slow track: "Your Excellency is really brilliant, but you know yourself and your enemy. You have another invincible magic weapon on your master. Are you still at a loss?" "Just about to ask for advice." "Between this master and the boxers, I can wipe out your bones!" "This body is like sending, want to extricate very much, try!" "If you don't believe it, don't regret it!" "Don't talk like a child. It shouldn't come from your lordship!" "At the worst, Master Ben and you will perish together. Both sides will be hurt. What can't you get?" "That's not bad. I'd like to open my eyes and see what you have."? Can you hurt me? However, I have no intention of forcing you to have no way out. I just want to be honest with you. "I can consider agreeing to talk to you." "Only in this way can we have a human touch. How can an old friend of many years have the reason to meet each other?" "But it's up to my master to make an appointment for another time and place." "Now, don't you just put your arms on your knees?" "No!" "Why feel guilty?"? ..” "Don't mistake yourself, sir!"! It is useless to force each other, and it is not wise to do so. "What, then, is your excellency to do?" "Let this master go first, or you leave first, three days later,large ficus tree, meet in Luoyang'old place '.". Be there or be square. "Your Excellency is wrong!" "What?" "First, if you let me go, you will be guilty of collaborating with the enemy. Why did you attack Dong Weng?" "This is a matter for Master Ben!" 。 hacartificialtree.com

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