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As soon as the guests around heard that the four ancient families were openly soliciting Jack, they all showed an envious expression. Who didn't know that the four ancient families and the three warlords of the entire Tianlong Empire had juxtaposed forces. To take refuge in them and be recruited by them was equal to waiting for the sky in one step, enjoying endless splendor and wealth. This was a great job. The other master of the ancient four big family a listen to the white family unexpectedly first recruit this Jack, think about him with a person to destroy a SS class warship, as long as the ancient four big family any one got him, the division of power between the four big families will change, the other three big families at the same time in the heart despised the white old man, usually play dumb blunt Leng, did not expect the critical moment so insidious, Before the party was over, he began to pull people openly. The only one who worries about Jack is Dark Phyllis. The man beside her gives her a special feeling. From the day we met by chance, it seems that he is omnipotent. SSS-class warship programming, although we haven't asked the source yet, there must be a lot of secrets behind the man who can send out the program of an SSS-class warship. And today, just after the ball operated the armor, in an hour's time, Jack's armor entered the God's Sigh Warship. Except for Jack and Dailey,artificial banyan trees, who knew the reason why the top warship in the universe exploded itself, all the other people who knew it died. When he asked Jack why, he said that God had no conscience to vent his conscience and that the battleship had died to apologize. To die to apologize, really thanks to him to think out, God is innocent, although I do not have much contact with Phyllis, but still from the family files,fake ficus tree, God is innocent is a megalomaniac, but also there is no trace of sympathy for other people's quality, if such a person after Jack's persuasion will really die to apologize, then tell her that Jack is a shemale she will believe. Hearing that Jack Phyllis held Jack's little hand tightly, she was afraid of losing Jack suddenly, but when Jack immediately answered with regret and said those words in her ear, her little face turned red again, and she went into the dark house, that was not to take herself, and what Jack had just said before manipulating the armor, "When will we review the passion of that night?" Your husband is invincible. At the thought of this, Phyllis unnaturally thought of how helpless she was that night. When she came to a bar, outdoor ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, a boy with a bad smile on his face suddenly appeared. His appearance changed his fate in the future. Now the military strength of the dark family has improved rapidly since she had the SSS-class warship program. Daley beside Jack heard the white family of the four ancient families to Jack to attract a burst of joy, stand out, if Jack agreed, then tomorrow it is estimated that the white family's armor command coach is Jack, the thought of Jack in the battle of blood, and brave, a ride when a thousand, as long as Jack in their own side, everything is so safe. Although many people, including the four ancient families and the young girl of the dark family, asked about what happened in the sigh of God, she said that she was too afraid to faint at that time, and when she woke up, she met everyone's lie. In Daly's opinion, this thrilling experience only belonged to her and her hero Jack. Since Jack won't tell the truth, she certainly can't. A banquet ended with laughter and laughter as everyone celebrated the destruction of the attack of the ancient four families. However, Phyllis and the ancient four families all knew that the captain of the warship of God was also the innocent father of God. God knew that God would not give up if he died innocently in the territory of the four ancient families. He would come to seek justice. Teacher Mu, Jack and I have some things to do. You can go back with Hao Tianlong first. Phyllis was the first to offer to be alone with Jack after the party. Okay, let's go first. Wood Linger said that today Jack helped his friend a big favor, now look at the two young lovers together, she and Hao Tianlong in the side is really a big light bulb, so pull Hao Tianlong, start the flying car to leave the castle. Will not be so active, looking at the side of the little beauty Phyllis actually offered to stay alone with themselves, is their charm too great? Jack, I'm going faster. The clock is ticking. Watching the wooden teacher go away, Phyllis immediately pulled Jack back to the castle. "Wait, slow down. Don't worry. It's not dark yet. We can go to dinner or something first. When are you so open? Don't go to the four ancient families. I'll take you to a hotel. You must find a more luxurious hotel than the four ancient families." Jack said lasciviously to Phyllis, who was pulling him toward the castle. What day is not dark? Ah, you will not want to ~ ', how can you be so bad? I want to drag you to discuss with the ancient four families how to fight against the attack of the warship of God. Within three days, God will send a large army to attack the ancient four families. For your safety, God will know that you killed his beloved son. Although he is not the eldest son, he will come to you. Phyllis said shyly and angrily that this Jack was not serious all day, and he didn't even know that his life was about to be lost, so he worried about him in vain. Ah, well, my dear Grace, let's go to the four ancient families. After listening to Phyllis's words,fake blossom tree, Jack had to follow Phyllis to the place where the banquet had just been held. As soon as Jack and Phyllis walked into the castle, the guards at the gate reported to the leaders of the four ancient families who were having a meeting. Jack's heroic performance when the God's Sigh Warship came to attack was worshipped by these small guards, and the original security check was cancelled. Chapter 95 Cooperation 2-3. hacartificialtree.com

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