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It was the first time that Chu Miaoli had encountered such a situation. Her face changed slightly, and she subconsciously immersed her mind in the small space of the incense burner. After entering, she found that there was a very magical arrow-shaped projection above the mask. Full of doubts, Chu Miaoli raised her eyebrows and, following the arrow-shaped projection, walked tentatively step by step in the direction of the underground chamber in the incredible eyes of the white-haired old man. Green Niang, who had always followed the lead of her own master, hurriedly rolled up her white hair and hurried to catch up with the old man. The sound above is really getting louder and louder, one after another. In the underground chamber, the delicate and beautiful girl nestled against the translucent jade, murmuring words that only she could hear, "Maybe the old monster is killing again!"! He usually likes to use this way to deter those who disobey him. Alas, I don't know when I will be able to escape from his clutches and regain my freedom to live the life I want to live. Before she had finished speaking, she heard the familiar clatter of the iron gate overhead. The beautiful girl with a sudden jump in her heart jumped up from the ground and stood respectfully at the door of the underground chamber again, waiting for the arrival of the old immortal as usual. Who would have thought that this time. It was a beautiful girl whose appearance was even better than hers. You Who are you? You How did you get in here?! The beautiful girl was frightened by the sudden appearance of Chu Miaoli. Chapter 270 Bodhisattva Woman (10). "I.." Following the projection arrow down to the Chamber of Secrets, I saw a beautiful girl staring at her round eyes. Chu Miaoli raised her eyebrows and looked her up and down curiously. Just as she was about to answer her question, she was shocked by the picture she saw out of the corner of her eye. He was really looking for him thousands of times in the crowd,decorative palm trees, but when he suddenly looked back, he was in the dim lights! Chu Miaoli said with a smile, and in the panicked eyes of the beautiful girl, she strode toward the translucent jade. No — you can't go near him! The beautiful girl was shocked by Chu Miaoli's action, and hurriedly stretched out her arms in front of Chu Miaoli. "He's not someone you can approach casually!" Chu Miaoli was amused by the beautiful girl's words. I don't know why you say that, but I think I need to tell you that there is no one in the world who is more qualified to be close to him than me. Because he is the lawful husband whom I have worshipped heaven and earth and married into my house in the presence of my elders and guests. Ever since she was nine years old, the beautiful girl, who had been bought by the holy old man and sent to the underground chamber to monitor the movements of the people in the jade, was stunned by the information revealed by Chu Miaoli. She was stunned and then bit her lower lip and said, faux grass wall ,artificial plant wall panels, "But.." But if you insist on getting close to him. Saint Childe, no, it's Lord Guan. He will never let you go! "Lord Guan?"? Are you referring to the person behind me? Chu Miaoli, who was in a good mood because she had found Xuanyuan Changyi, looked behind her with a smile and motioned to the beautiful girl to watch with her. From being bought by the old man to now, or the first time to see him so embarrassed beautiful girl, the whole person is dumbfounded. She gaped at the holy old man who had been swept in by the green python, and looked back at Chu Miaoli with trembling lips: "You.." Who the hell are you? "The one who came to save you from your misery." Although the girl's appearance is indeed extraordinary, but from her pale almost transparent face, Chu Miaoli has guessed that the other side should be imprisoned in this, not for many years! Chu Miaoli did not know why the other party was imprisoned here, but she could deeply understand what kind of injury and despair it was for a young girl. After being forced into here by the old man, the beautiful girl never thought she would be able to leave one day. Even, as early as a long time ago, she had already prepared to kill herself without mercy after the old man had given up the jade childe as he wished. Jade Childe is a beautiful girl who secretly gives a handsome man in translucent jade a pet name in private. She's so lonely. After all, even if she did not practice because of her roots and bones, she also knew how terrible the act of seizing human body was and how it was not tolerated by the world. Therefore, after hearing Chu Miaoli say that she wanted to save her from the sea of suffering, she was somewhat unable to wake up. Only know to stare at Chu Miaoli stupidly, in the heart silently asked himself is not dreaming?! Otherwise, how could a man suddenly appear in front of her with a huge python, saying that he would save her from suffering. Chu Miaoli has seen many people struggling in a desperate situation and having to accept their fate for various reasons. As soon as I saw the beautiful girl's expression, I knew that she must have not reacted yet. Chu Miaoli smiled encouragingly at the beautiful girl and said, "Thank you for helping me take care of him all these years." Although Chu Miaoli did not know how Xuanyuan Changyi could be sealed in the jade in such a bizarre manner, judging from the polished jade as clean as new, the girl in front of her undoubtedly paid a lot. You What is your relationship with him? The beautiful girl did not like Chu Miaoli's familiar and natural tone when she mentioned Xuanyuan Changyi. Just as the white-haired old man has a possessive desire for Xuanyuan Changyi in the translucent jade, so does the beautiful girl. She was accompanied by this translucent jade and the handsome man in the jade day and night, and she had already given birth to some beautiful thoughts in her heart to follow him. Now, suddenly heard Chu Miaoli speak in such a tone,Faux cherry blossom tree, how can you stand it. Chu Miaoli has seen a lot of girls like beautiful girls who are just beginning to fall in love. Chu Miaoli, who saw at a glance that the other party was only influenced by Xuanyuan Changyi's handsome facial features and the isolation and solitude over the past few years, bent her eyes and deliberately said to the beautiful girl word by word in a tender voice: "The person inside is my husband." 。 hacartificialtree.com

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