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Zhou Hui stammered, answer: "This problem, you can explain to the workers, say this is the country's temporary difficulties, the country sooner or later..." "Sooner or later, sooner or later?" As soon as Zhu Tiejun pounded the table, he snapped, "You officials, of course, don't have to worry about your children. Which of the children of your Light Chemical Department didn't just graduate from school and immediately arrange to go to a subordinate enterprise?"? That is to say, isn't the child of Director Zhou Hui working as a petrochemical machine worker now? You have no worries, so of course you can speak in such a bureaucratic tone. Our workers are powerless and have no back door. Apart from wronging themselves, what else can they do to solve their children's work problems? "Lao Zhu, Lao Zhu!" Zhou Hui stood up hurriedly and closed the door first. Then she glanced at Lin Zhenhua, who was sitting silently beside her. Then she said to Zhu Tiejun, "Director Zhu, you can't say that.". Indeed, the children of the Department of Light and Chemical Industry, according to the policy, the arrangement is relatively smooth. Let's discuss the situation of the workers in your factory and try our best to meet their demands. "We are all parents. Poor parents all over the world." "That's hard for Director Zhou." When Zhu Tiejun got Zhou Hui's promise,4k smart board, he was no longer entangled. He thanked him coldly and took Lin Zhenhua out of the Labor Department with him. Walking out of the office building of the Light Chemical Hall, Zhu Tiejun turned around and asked Lin Zhenhua, "Xiao Lin, you have seen it all. What do you think?" "Director Zhu, you just.." Oh, that's cool. Lin Zhenhua said helplessly. Alas! Zhu Tiejun sighed, "a whole 25 backbones,interactive touch screens education, do you think I am willing to let go!"! Oh, forget it. Let Wang Qiuhu drive here and we'll find a place to drink. "Still drinking?" Lin Zhenhua wanted to grab the land with his head. 067 rehired Wang Qihu drove an American jeep and pulled Zhu Tiejun and Lin Zhenhua to a small restaurant. Three people went in, Zhu Tiejun asked for two dishes, then ordered four or two wine, and Lin Zhenhua one or two. Lin Zhenhua secretly rejoiced that Zhu Tiejun was not so crazy about drinking, or he would have to lie down. If Wang Qiuhu wants to drive, naturally he can't drink. Lin Zhenhua and Zhu Tiejun sipped and drank for a while. Zhu Tiejun slowly calmed down and said to himself: "Alas, in fact, I have thought it over. It's just like a veteran in the army. He came to the army when he was 18 years old. When he was more than 20 years old, he had to go back to get married and live.". Although I know it's not easy to train a good soldier, I have to let him retire. The same is true of the workers. Those who should go will not be able to stay. Lin Zhenhua said, "That's true, but it's a pity that Master Peng Gang, who is only 49 years old and in the prime of life, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,interactive digital whiteboard, retired early for the sake of replacing his children." "What if I don't let them return?"? There are only so many recruitment targets in a year, and there are all kinds of relatives to arrange people to come in. When it comes to the children of our own workers, we can solve three or four problems in a year. We have more than 100 unemployed children. If we don't take the road of replacement, when will we be able to arrange it? "But as soon as these old masters leave, a lot of work really doesn't work." Lin Zhenhua said that he was not the deputy chief of the technical section in vain. In the past few months, he has been familiar with the technical situation of Hanhua Factory. He knows that many of these workers have unique skills. Among the younger generation, there is really no one who can stand up to them. Isn't it? Like Master Sun Changyuan in the metalworking workshop, a seven-level fitter, our centrifugal pumps are all assembled by him. Once he leaves, the production of centrifugal pumps is a problem. Zhu Tiejun said. Lin Zhenhua knows this. Fitter is one of the oldest types of work in the industrial field. In the past 100 years, the development of machine industry has eliminated many traditional manual operations, but the role of fitter can never be replaced. Even in the era when seven-axis, nine-axis and eleven-axis CNC machining centers have been invented, some of the most precise moulds, measuring tools, guide surfaces, bearing bushes and so on still need to be processed manually by excellent fitters. In Hanhua Factory, there was a somewhat legendary story: a fertilizer factory in a certain place purchased a centrifugal pump produced by Hanhua Factory, which was used very well at the beginning. Later, the mechanic of the fertilizer plant took the centrifugal pump apart by himself and did some maintenance work. When they put the centrifugal pump back as it was, they found that the noise of the machine was more than twice as loud, which made people jumpy. At a meeting of the Light Chemical Department, the director of the fertilizer plant talked about the matter and criticized the quality of the products of Hanhua Plant. At that time, the director of the Hanhua factory was also at the meeting, and when he heard this, he could not keep his face down. When he returned to the factory, he immediately sent a fitter to the fertilizer factory to check the condition of the machine. After the fitter arrived at the fertilizer plant, he asked the mechanic of the other party to take the machine apart again, and then personally went up, lifted a cylinder from the machine, put it back, and then asked the mechanic to install the machine for trial. He just mentioned and released it, and when he turned it on, the harsh noise miraculously disappeared. This fitter is Sun Changyuan mentioned by Zhu Tiejun. The layman seems to be very simple to mention and release, but in fact there are many ways. High-speed rotating equipment, if the center of gravity is biased, there will be shaking, noise and other phenomena, and Sun Changyuan's ability is that he can judge the position of the center of gravity as long as he weighs it with his hand, and then find a suitable angle to assemble the parts. This kind of technology is not something that anyone who wants to learn can learn. To master it, one must have rich experience, and the other must have unique understanding. Those who have these two points at the same time are the best workers. However, such workers have to leave their jobs early because they want to make room for their children. Director Zhu, I think,smart boards for conference rooms, like Peng Gang and Sun Changyuan, the factory can agree to their retirement, but they can be rehired in the future. Lin Zhenhua suggested. Rehire? What do you mean Zhu Tiejun doesn't understand. hsdsmartboard.com

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