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She was about to go shopping when he stopped her: "Lu Sheng." Lu Sheng looked back. The hospital gown was white with blue checks. He was thin and bigger on his body. She could even see the slightly blue veins under his neck. You go back. I have nothing to do here. I won't delay you. The attitude is alienated, and some people are far away. Lu Sheng lost in the heart, did not hold back, said the words in his heart: "I will always think of you when I go back, and I can't do anything." When a girl says she misses you, she says she likes you. He only looked at her and did not speak, and his eyes were full of light and shadow. Lu Sheng stood at the head of the bed, not like a little girl in her early twenties. There was no frivolity in her eyes. She was serious, stubborn, and magnanimous and honest. She asked, "Zhou Qingrang, can't you see?" She liked him so much, so obviously. Zhou Qingrang collected his eyes and said in a flat and light tone: "You go back." You go back. This sentence is equivalent to refusal. There was no room at all, not even a moment to think. He, who had always been gentle, did not drag his feet on this matter. As long as she pointed it out, he immediately made a statement. Lu Sheng actually guessed the result, but no matter how psychologically prepared, he was still very sad. He let her go.. She went to the door and looked back at him. "I haven't eaten yet." That sounds pathetic. Zhou Xufang felt that it was her turn to come out. She went to the door and knocked on the door: "I came back to buy porridge." Lu Sheng opened the door as if he had seen a relative. Have a meal before you go. Zhou Qingrang is still soft-hearted. Lu Sheng nods hurriedly, very miserable and very contented appearance: "Good." She ate a meal and left,smart board for conference room, Zhou Qingrang did not retain, she did not dare to stay, afraid to provoke him. When he left, his back was like a poor little man. "Uncle," Zhou Xufang thought it was amazing that she was such a slow-burning person, when she called uncle, she didn't feel strange at all,smart interactive whiteboard, very familiar and natural, "don't you like Lu Sheng?" He did not answer directly: "How old is she?" "Not small." Lu Sheng was twenty-three years old, and she herself dated Jiang Zhi at twenty-two. Zhou Xufang has a very good impression of Lu Sheng. If Lu Sheng can be her aunt, it will be great. She guessed that her uncle must be worried. Zhou Xufang comforted him: "Uncle, don't worry, Jiang Zhi's family is doing medicine, you can certainly live a long life." Live a long life. Eight years ago, his attending doctor told him that if he lived and earned one day, how could he dare to think about 100 years old. Zhou Qingrang did not continue the topic: "Don't say me, what about you? Is Jiang Zhi good to you?" Zhou Xufang answered honestly: "Very good." When it comes to Jiang Zhi, her eyebrows and eyes are different and she can't lie. Where did you go after the fire in Luo's house? Do you live alone? He wanted to know more about her, to know what she had experienced, to know how she grew up alone, helpless and lonely. Zhou Xufang moved a stool and sat in front of the hospital bed: "I was sent abroad by Luo Qinghe's uncle and met a noble person. He sent me back to China five years ago." Pinch the head and tail, electronic board for classroom ,classroom interactive whiteboard, and only say good things. She didn't want to tell her uncle about the laboratory, so she avoided the important and took the easy way out, but she didn't lie. She did meet a noble person, otherwise, she couldn't escape from the laboratory. She also said that she only picked up the good ones and said, "I had a good life, made a lot of money, and bought a house." Then he asked Zhou Qingrang, "Uncle, what about you?" There was a very faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Qingjun's face was a little softer, and he didn't eat fireworks: "The high school teacher sponsored me. After the adult college entrance examination, I went to study broadcasting. After graduation, I went to the TV station. The station director was very nice and took good care of me. All the way was smooth sailing." Zhou Qingrang, too, only said yes. But how could he be on a roll? He had been lying in the hospital for so long, and he had to suffer a lot to reintegrate into the world. Besides, he was sick all over and was not good at walking. Zhou Xufang had seen him walk with a slight limp, proud and lonely. Xu Fang, "his eyes are very gentle, there is a glimmer of light inside," is not good uncle, did not go to Luo's home earlier to find you. ” Eight years ago, when he just woke up, he had three major operations and more than a dozen notices of critical illness. He could not stand up and stayed in the hospital for a long time. Rehabilitation alone took more than a year, which Zhou Xufang knew. Her uncle suffered much more than she did. She said, "I didn't suffer much. When I was in the Luo family, Aunt Xiu's family took good care of me. Later, when I went abroad, I didn't have to worry about food and clothing." She didn't lie. She took medicine and wore a hospital gown every day, and she really didn't have to worry about food and clothing. The most important thing is: "My boyfriend is also a good man." Three sentences do not leave Jiang Zhi. Zhou Qing let smile without a word, Jiang Zhi is not a good person, he also knows some, but it doesn't matter whether the person is good or not, just be good to her. Little uncle. It was Don who wanted to come with a basket of fruit. As it happened, Zhou Xufang received a text message from Fang Ideal: "Tang Xiang, can you help me take care of my uncle?"? My friend is coming to see the doctor, and I'm going to pick her up. "You go ahead and leave it to me, a vagrant." Zhou Xufang went to pick up Fang Ideal first. She knew that her uncle was sure to ask her something, and she had already asked Tang to think ahead, not to report bad news, but to report good news. Fang Ideal parked his car in the internal parking lot of the hospital. Outsiders could not get in. It was Zhou Xufang who opened the back door for Deputy Dean Sun. Xu Fang, Xu Fang. As soon as Zhou Xufang arrived at the garage, he saw Fang Ideal sneaking behind the pillar. She wore a hat that covered her head to her neck and showed only two eyes. "I'm wrapped like this. No one should recognize me." She looked around with a guilty conscience. Zhou Xufang felt that she could wear this hat the next time she was on a mission, but it was strange to wear it like this during the day: "It seems to be more conspicuous." It seems to be robbing money. Is it? ' It seems to be! Fang Li took off his scarf and robbery hat and exhaled,smartboard for business, "I'm so hot." After taking off his hat, Zhou Xufang found: "Ideal, you have lost a lot of weight." 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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