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Last year, Hantun Village's work value was 1.50 yuan, which was already the highest in the county. This year, Secretary Li of the county Party committee said several times that it would hit a new high of 2.00 yuan. After several people discussed, they decided that this year's work value should be distributed according to 2.00 yuan. Han Daowei and his colleagues summed up that the work value of the whole village added up to only 140,000 yuan. For the future development of the village, they decided to leave half of the income of the meat factory as development funds and half to the masses. Chapter 325 dividends. Half of the income of the meat factory is 500000 yuan, plus other 330000 yuan, totaling 830000 yuan. Excluding the 140000 yuan allocated according to the value of work, there is still 690000 yuan left. There are 320 people in the village, with an average of 2000 yuan per capita, leaving 50000 yuan as a balance for other expenditures in the village next year. There are more than 50 households in the village, most of which have more than six people. After the settlement and distribution on December 20, every household in the village has become a ten thousand yuan household. Everyone took bundles of money and talked excitedly for a long time. I couldn't believe it was true, and I was afraid that I would wake up as soon as I opened my mouth. Only the voices of Han Daowei and Han Daocun are so beautiful. Han Daorong, 4 people 8000 yuan, 821 workers 1642 yuan, a total of 9642 yuan. Han Daorong took the money from Han Daocun and handed it to Liu Cuilan. Liu Cuilan took it over and squatted on the ground with the money in her arms, crying. I didn't expect that I could live such a good life in my life,interactive panels for education, and there are still people who treat me as a person. At the Stone Temple, they all called me an old hen who couldn't lay eggs. Only then did everyone start talking about it. Han Yuchen had always been a bad cop: "Go out. No one can talk nonsense. If anyone gets wind of it, next year's distribution will be cancelled." Everyone was so frightened that they quickly covered their mouths and shook their heads. Yes, it takes a shortsighted person to have a hard time with money. This is not a decimal. I haven't seen so much money for decades. This year, basically every family in Hantun Village has fed 20 pigs, earning nearly 4000 yuan. There are more than 30 ducks laying eggs in each family, and the income from selling duck eggs is 4 yuan a day, 120 yuan a month,75 smart board, and 1000 yuan a year. Each family also raises more than 30 hens and more than 10 goats, which also earn more than 500 yuan a year. There are also processing fees, each person also earns more than 20 yuan a month, a year down, each family also has to earn 1000 yuan. In addition to the 1000 yuan per person in the village during the wheat season and the Mid-Autumn Festival, more than 80% of the families have a family income of more than 20000 yuan this year. Everyone has not forgotten the teachers in the village, their children study well, parents are happy from the bottom of their hearts, has been proposed to give teachers bonuses. After discussion, it was finally decided to give the teacher a bonus based on the results of the competition in the commune. For the top ten students in the competition, each student will be awarded 100 yuan to the teacher and 200 yuan to the top three. The bonus is handed over to the principal and let them distribute it themselves. In addition, like the August Festival, each teacher was given 10 catties of pork, smart board interactive whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, 10 catties of fish and 5 catties of soybean oil. Hantun Lianzhong's grades are the best in the whole commune. The first students in the grade are all students here, and there are many top ten. Finally, each teacher received a bonus of more than 400 yuan according to their teaching results, which was higher than their annual salary. The teachers were so excited that before they left, they sent a silk banner to the village. There were only four words on the banner, "Respect teachers and respect education.". My uncle hid it from Hantun Village, but he talked with several cadres in the village in detail for a whole day, looking for the root of Hantun's prosperity. He is now the leader of Zhangji Commune, shouldering the great trust of the people of the whole commune, and thinking of leading the people of the whole commune to get rich. Baoshan's second sister got married in December, but the village still let her take part in this year's distribution. Nevertheless, her grandmother still regretted it: "If I had known I wouldn't let her get married, I would have let her wait another year." Everybody laughs at her: "Your home also did not suffer a loss, was not to prepare to cross a year to let 3 block marry, your home still is 8 people." She said regretfully, "Can that be the same? The money earned by Erpan belongs to Baoshan, and the money earned by Sanduan after marriage belongs to her. Even Sanduan does not belong to Baoshan." "Then don't let the third block get married. Isn't your family responding to the call of the state and letting them wait until they are 25 years old?". The state not only advocates men to settle down in women's homes, but also advocates late marriage and late childbirth. "Everyone's words are getting worse and worse.". Baoshan grandmother can not eat this set: "The national policy is formulated for my family. If you all marry late and have children late, I have no opinion." She really caught me. My uncle took it over and said, "Now that I have said this, I will tell everyone about the new rules in the village.". In the future, the marriage of men and women in our village will be counted as half a year, and the whole year will be counted after the twelfth lunar month. All daughters who marry outside or settle down in the village will be voluntary. "Big One" stood up and said loudly: "I have no opinion, regardless of half a year, let my daughter settle down in the village on the line. If he doesn't agree, I will break off the marriage immediately. Her eldest daughter, Jing Zhi, is 18 years old and has just got engaged. It seems that there are many families who are ready to let their daughters settle down, not all of them are like Grandma Baoshan, who expect their daughters to earn family property for their sons, love their daughters, and hope that their daughters will live a good life, or most of them. Listening to everyone's comments, the "old mule" actually shed tears. She sobbed and said, "It's better for the new society. My wife didn't stand on this good time. She was angry and scolded all day." Han Yuchen's face immediately turned red. Han Daocun took his grandmother's hand and said, "Grandma, isn't it all right now? Don't mention the past again." The "old mule" listened to his grandson's words and looked at the uncomfortable Han Yuchen. He said with a smile, "I'm really old. I can't even speak. It spoils everyone's fun. I'll accompany you." Everyone had tens of thousands of yuan in their arms, but no one took it to heart, and then they talked excitedly. Or go on to talk about the daughter settled down, now there are many children, every family has a daughter, everyone has no opinion. Gui Jinniang and Gui Jinniang shared 4000 yuan, and the Second Master gave her the ten pigs she fed and the 1897 yuan she sold,smart board whiteboard, and also gave her 5000 yuan. My child, don't be polite to your uncle. Your parents have helped me a lot. Otherwise, your uncle and aunt's tendons would have been broken. 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