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When I was twenty years old, those straightforward and rude vows seemed to be still in my ears. If He didn't tell himself. If time could go back, if facts could be forgotten.. Fang Sishen closed his eyes and said, "Let me think about it again. Think about it.". I didn't have a good rest for several days in a row. After the afternoon class, my head was so heavy that I fell down. Fortunately, there was no class on Friday, so I went back to the dormitory and fell asleep in a daze. It is still a dream that has been repeated countless times, but this time there are some new contents. He dreamed that the dark city gate was wide open, a figure dragged a heavy pace forward, heavy fences blocked behind him one after another, and finally "clang", a dark iron gate fell from the sky, completely cut off the figure. He covered his chest and woke up with his heart beating wildly. Clang! With a sound, Fang Sishen almost jumped out of bed because he felt that the sound was like thunder. It took me a long time to realize that the next door probably came in and went out, and the action was a little rude. It was dark, and after two loud noises, the outer room suddenly became silent. Remembering the last scene in his dream, Fang Sishen pressed his heart and asked himself: How can you be willing, how can you be willing, to give him to others for trial? Unable to hold back any longer, he quickly packed up his schoolbag, grabbed his coat and ran out. He ran to the school gate, saw an empty taxi, and immediately got into it. Unfortunately,touch screen whiteboard, the evening rush hour was not over yet, and it was not long before the speed slowed down. Staring anxiously at the motionless queue of cars, he could not bear to pay the bill and ran into the nearest subway station. Transfer, get out of the station, go upstairs and open the door. The room was quiet. I haven't run like this for a long time. Fang Sishen held the wall and rested for a long time. He knew that there was probably no one at this time, and that sweat and breathing were just for self-comfort. When he had had enough rest, he called his father and said that he would not go home this weekend. Fang Duzhi did not ask much, only said: "I will be more these days, these two weeks back or not as you like,65 inch touch screen, but the Tomb Sweeping Festival is coming, you remember to come back early that day." Fang Sishen answered and sat in the dark waiting for Hong Xinbiao. Waiting can be annoying or calming. Fang Sishen sat on the sofa and waited, thinking about a lot of things. When the time and space of thought are infinitely expanded, some specific stages and events can easily become insignificant. When it comes to feelings, when a lifetime, rather than a paragraph, becomes an attribute, the worries, vacillations, panics and fears of the past are just drops of water in the long river, grass on the high mountains, and a pot of vinegar on the feast of life. Fang Sishen smiled at the thought of vinegar. "Ding Ding Dang," someone pulled out the key to open the door. Pow! The light is on. Hong Xinbiao hung the key in his hand and looked at him foolishly: "You.." Why are you here? Fang Sishen glanced at the clock on the wall. It was almost twelve o'clock. Why did you just come back? I.. I went downstairs to your dormitory. Fang Sishen was surprised. "Did you go downstairs in my dormitory?" I stay downstairs in your dormitory every night until the lights go out. Today the light has not been on, until eleven o'clock, there is no one, I thought you went home. "When did you go?" Every day when I have nothing to do, 86 smart board ,digital touch screen board, I go there and stay, sometimes at eight or nine o'clock, sometimes at nine or ten o'clock. Come back when you turn off the lights. Fang Sishen looked at him, his heart sour, and he could not say anything. For a moment, big eyes stare at small eyes. Hong Xinbiao suddenly returned to his soul: "Have you eaten yet? I'll cook noodles for you." Remembering that he had not had dinner, Fang Sishen stood up and said, "I'll do it." Hong Dashao timidly went into the kitchen and said, "I'm hungry, too. How about cooking more?" Fang Sishen nodded, opened the fire to boil water, then opened the refrigerator to check, and found three eggs and half a wilting green vegetable. Hong Xinbiao rubbed against him step by step, and finally hugged his waist and buried his head on his shoulder while beating the eggs: "Brother, you're here, that's great.." Fang Sishen put down the bowl and put his hand on the back of his hand. Standing behind him was a lonely and pitiful child, just like himself. "I have something to ask you after a midnight snack," he said lightly. "Good." Two people silently eat noodles, Hong Xinbiao silently washed the bowl, returned to the living room, saw Fang Sishen sitting on the sofa, went to sit cross-legged on the carpet in front of him, as if to continue the unfinished conversation of that day. He is tall, and his posture is not much different from Fang Sishen's. Fang Sishen's hand still fell on his shoulder: "That day." I was scared by you. I didn't understand a lot of words. Please say it carefully again. Hong Xinbiao raised his head: "I regret it. I shouldn't have told you and made you feel uncomfortable.". Just forget it, okay? Brother, forget it! Fang Sishen looked at him steadily. "Then why did you tell me?"? Do you mean to make me feel bad? No, I didn't think much about it at that time. I just knew to say it and find someone to say it. Who else can I talk to besides you? But, "Hong Xinbiao clenched his two hands in the palm of his hand," I think clearly now, you think I talk in my sleep, that's not true, I'm talking nonsense. Forget it, brother, please, forget it, okay? Fang Sishen was not moved at all, and his tone was still light: "Ah Yao, if I say I want you to surrender, what will you do?" Hong Xinbiao seemed to have anticipated, grinning at him, actually bringing out a cruel and bleak meaning: "Brother, you still don't understand, I don't have to do anything.". He had no way out, only the last move, racking his brains, I do not know how well calculated. The truck that crashed into the railing was an out-of-town vehicle. The camera on this side of the bridge was broken half a month ago. We set out at six o'clock in the morning. At that time, there was not even a ghost on the bridge. Who knows what fell down. What's more, this year's spring flood is fierce, even Xiaolang Gorge, no one dares to go down to fish for corpses-now it's March, that is, fishing up, what's left? This Spring Festival,smartboards for business, who in Hejin doesn't know that someone in our family is missing? He hid his whereabouts to death. My elder sister went crazy to look for it. Recently, she also gave up and was too lazy to do any more. Which year didn't dozens of people die in Hejin because of this and that? If our family doesn't pursue it, who else will? 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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