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On the top of the mountain, the corner of Luo's eyes twitched, and he saw that his legs were hugged, and the other side had an expression that you didn't care about me, I would die. Luo Kui wanted to kick him, but his arm was so strong that he couldn't move his foot. He asked in surprise, "Aren't you a chaotic demon God whose body is broken?" Long Yi, no, it should be said that Yang Mei raised his head with a sad smile, "After all, I am a chaotic hollow willow." Chaotic spirit root transformation, Yang Mei was born as Hun yuan Da Luo Jinxian, and the later chaotic demon God is not a grade at all. Well, what do you mean by chance? Luo put aside the idea of violence for a moment. Five elements beads. Yang Mei said quickly. Do you mean to say that you know the whereabouts of the five elements beads? Luo Wei probably knew some secrets and said with interest, "What if we collect the five spirit beads? The chaotic beads have been crushed by the way of heaven. The five elements beads are just fragments, just like we have collected the fragments of Pangu Axe. Do you have the ability to restore Pangu Axe?" Yang Mei laughed and said, "If I say.." Yes. Luo's expression changed. He probably knew the reason why Yang Mei was chased by Tiandao,smartboards in classrooms, but he would rather not know! "Be gentle, I can't stand your beating now!" Seeing that Luo had figured out the cause and effect, he was so angry that he wanted to kick him. Yang Mei hurriedly hugged the beauty's thigh. He could not help but smack his tongue secretly. This is the way to live. What is shameless? Let's go to get the beads together. We got the items of the treasure level of chaos. Even the way of heaven has no way to take us. Luo Kui was so angry, "What do I want to do with that broken bead? I was living safely and steadily, but I was chased by the way of heaven because of your words!" Heaven will not let go of the existence of this kind of thing! The treasure of chaos is either crushed by the road or by the way of heaven. How many lives does he have to rob this treasure! Under the pressure of his release, Yang Mei suddenly said,digital interactive whiteboard, "Who knows if Hongjun will turn against you in the future? You don't think Hongjun can protect you so naively, do you?"? The Luo in my memory is not this kind of guy who lives behind anyone. Luo's long and narrow eyes were cold. "Don't stimulate me with such words." Yang Mei shook his head. "If you don't want to, it's not too late to delete your memory. You're the only one I can trust now." Luo Wei lowered his eyes, his sleeves fluttered, and the four swords came out. The bright secret of heaven was immediately stirred up. No matter how strong the monk was, he would find that he was blind at the moment, and the past, present and future were all blocked. Then he smiled at Yang Mei, and a strong gap between the two classes appeared. Yang Mei was so shocked that she almost blurted out. You're still a saint! Luo stood up from his chair and looked down at Yang Mei, who could not bear the pressure of the sage and knelt down. "Knowing my secret, do you think I would want you to live?" Yang Mei's face was full of unwillingness, and he looked at him with an expression of "you are a heartbreaker.". Luo Wei was not in the mood to play tricks with him. He put his index finger against his forehead. "Tell me the whereabouts of the five elements beads, smart board touch screen ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, or die." Yang Mei was silent and said with difficulty, "I have only one request. In the future, I will gather all the chaotic beads and let me live in the world of Hongmeng in the chaotic beads." "You think you have the ability to negotiate with me?" "I was wrong about you." "You've never seen the real me clearly, so how can you be wrong?" "If Hongjun knew what you had done before." Under great pressure, Yang Mei's bones creaked and said, "In order to survive, you betrayed the Chaos Demon God and leaked our whereabouts and information to Pangu, even Hongjun's whereabouts were leaked by you.." Who do you think can believe that you are a madman. Whew.. Under Luo's indifferent attitude, he felt a chill in his heart and ran his strength crazily. "I don't understand!" He roared! Why did Pan Gu let you go? The ruthlessness in Luo's eyes turned into banter. "If you want to know that, you can go with Pangu." In Yang Mei's vision, Luo's expression became more and more blurred, and his long and narrow eyes were tender. All of a sudden, it seemed that there were devils singing, the holy sound filled the air, the sky was dark, the whole world was upside down and confused under his eyes, regardless of Yin and Yang, regardless of life and death, and the dangerous evil spirit turned into the magic of twining fingers. The last sentence Yang Mei heard: "My child will surely be happy that so many chaotic demons will be buried with him." Yang Mei's mind sank, leaving only a glassy-eyed dragon youth on the top of Mount Sumeru. Luo Wei frowned, "it's just an incarnation, not a body." It's just. As soon as he picked his fingers, he gouged out the ugly eyes of the dragon. "When will it be your turn to evaluate my affairs?" The power of the palm was sucked into the head of the dragon. All the memories that remain in this body are read by Luo. There should be fire beads in Hongjun's place. Ask next time. Luo Yi murmured, the palm of his hand was withdrawn, and the dragon youth in front of him was smashed. As if nothing had happened, he sat leisurely in his chair and ate ambrosia. I have to say that Yang Mei's collection is very rich, and many of the fruits on the table are fruits he has never eaten. As long as the other chaos demons did not come to provoke him, he was too lazy to go out and clean up the rats that could not be seen. He who cannot be sanctified is not his companion. Far away in the interior of the Dragon Clan in the sea area, a figure suddenly appeared on the surface of an ordinary willow tree and staggered out of it. It's safer to move first. Yang Mei's mind was muddled, and with a wave of her hand, she hid the willows. The incarnation was destroyed and broken cleanly. Not only was he unable to trace his whereabouts, but he could not remember his conversation with him on Mount Sumeru. But he knew that Luo had already killed him, and if he found his true body in the Dragon Clan again, he would not uproot him. However, in order to make trouble for him, he spread rumors in the Dragon Clan that he was killed by his old lover. The other side is the owner of Mount Sumeru. Endure the pain to finish this, Yang Mei hurried to the sea outside. Before he had taken a few steps, his knees suddenly went limp,interactive boards for classrooms, his face turned pale, and he saw a man in purple standing on the waves, looking at him without sorrow or joy. Hong Jun- ".". hsdsmartboard.com

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