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Original title: "Terraria" Electric Drill How to Get Electric Drill Production Method Introduction How to get the Terraria electric drill? Introduction to the production method of electric drill. In Terraria, in addition to the manuscript, there is also a prop that can dig-the electric drill. How to get the electric drill as a digging prop that can only be made after the meat mountain? Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you ~ At present,rock drilling tools, there are 4 kinds of electric drills in PE. They are cobalt blue drill bit, mithril drill bit, fine gold drill bit and divine gold drill bit. An electric drill manufacture method The first three are made by refining their respective ores into ingots (Cobalt Blue Ingot X15,Borehole Drill Bits, Mithril Ingot, Fine Gold Ingot X10). The way these minerals appear is to defeat the underground meat mountain, use its explosive hammer to knock on the demon altar (in the corrosive land, mining drill bit ,dth hammer bit, it looks like a sea anemone), and then the lower left corner will show what minerals appear. With the mine, things are easy to do. By the way, after collecting the ore, we need to make a new furnace first. To make ingots. The gold drill bit is forged with these three kinds of drill bits, six things made of these three kinds of minerals, and three kinds of souls in the field of vision of fear power. Set mining, killing, cutting down trees, self-mutilation function in one! It's killing people and stealing goods. Home travel, the weapon of husband and children! Editor's summary In fact, there is no final conclusion about which one is better to use, the manuscript or the electric drill. Some say that the manuscript can prevent explosion by 0.0, and some say that the electric drill is fast. Opinions vary. Whether it is a draft or a drill,down the hole bit, it depends on your own preferences to choose, suitable for your own is the best. The above is when the music network Xiaobian for everyone to bring the Terraria strategy, I hope you like it! Terraria Mobile Tutorial Material Bundle Tutorial Archive Tutorial Flash Back Solution Mobile VPN Remote Online Tutorial Terraria Mobile Version Resource Encyclopedia Full Item Archive Full Synthesis Unlock Character Boutique Map Archive Magic Age Material Meat Mountain Back Pumpkin Night Archive Warrior Department Reclamation Archive Mage Department Reclamation Archive More Wonderful Resources in Dangle Terraria Strategy Encyclopedia Bed-making raiders stone giant play Novice Weapon Recommendation Enchantment Strategy New Three Kings Play Late Weapon Selection-Warrior Synthesis Table Complete Statue Introduction Complete Paladin Kill Strategy Later Equipment Selection-Mage House Design Guide BUG Summary Solar Eclipse Summoning Strategy Trap Tutorial Novice Tutorial Weapon TOP10 Monster Weakness Encyclopedia Practical Tips Mushroom Man Check-in Conditions Dungeon Keeper Play Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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