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Original Title: Subverting Plant Extraction Technology to Realize Subcritical Business The roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of plants all contain different complex compounds, which are bioactive substances obtained in the process of biological evolution for millions of years, and play an important role in human survival and health after extraction and purification. Herbaceous, woody, edible, medicinal, too many plants have too many extractable ingredients, so the extraction of plant ingredients is a big field. At present, the biological extraction technology widely used in large-scale industrial production is to extract with liquid solvents, such as water, ethanol, hexane and so on. Desolvation heating inevitably causes the destruction of biological active ingredients, such as protein denaturation, pigment decomposition and so on. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction can not realize large-scale and low-cost industrial production. Specifically speaking, subcritical extraction technology is the liquefaction state of the solvent in the temperature range higher than its boiling point temperature and lower than the critical temperature. The subcritical state of the solvent defined by Qi Kun is called subcritical biological extraction technology. Low-temperature subcritical bio-extraction technology uses liquefied gas solvents such as butane and propane with boiling points below 0 ℃ to extract. The extraction process is completed at room temperature and under a certain pressure. When the solvent is removed, the heat released by the liquefaction of the solvent is used to heat the evaporation and gasification of the solvent, thus realizing energy-saving production. Aft extraction, that material is not heated due to desolvation, so that a large amount of energy is save, and the invariance of the extracted biological raw material heat-sensitive component is ensured; for example, when peanut oil is produced, the peanut meal protein aft oil extraction is not denatured, is white, and can still be used as a food raw material; and when rose essential oil is extracted,thin film distillation, the low-temperature desolvation ensures the pure taste of the essential oil. Before 1990, there was only one English paper and one Japanese paper on subcritical extraction technology, which was found after many years of searching, and was not put into industrial application, represented by the Chinese patent "New Technology for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Extraction of Grease" (Patent No.: 90108660. Now there are hundreds of patents and papers related to subcritical technology. Qi Kun, the original inventor of subcritical extraction technology, was born in 1963, and his poor life endowed him with the fine character of hard work and hard study. In 1979, at the age of 16, he was admitted to university through his intelligence,winterization filtration, talent and hard work, and became a college student in Zhengzhou Food College. Four years of professional study has enabled him to accumulate knowledge and broaden his horizons. After graduation, he was catching up with the good times of reform and opening up. He worked hard and was good at thinking. At the beginning of reform and opening up, he published papers, applied for patents, translated monographs, and taught himself the top computer automatic control technology at that time. Soon he emerged in the national grain and oil industry and became a member, director and executive director of the Chinese Oil Society. It has become one of the few "outstanding graduates" selected by Zhengzhou Food College in the past 20 years of reform and opening up. Qi Kun invented subcritical extraction technology at the age of 26 and became a special allowance expert of the State Council at the age of 30. Through his 29 years of unremitting research, subcritical extraction technology has been applied to many fields of bioactive ingredient extraction, and the term "subcritical" has been mentioned by more and more people. Qi Kun has successively established "Henan Subcritical Biotechnology Co., Ltd.", provincial engineering technology research center and national post-doctoral research workstation, cooperated with dozens of research institutes, and established the core position of Henan Subcritical Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in subcritical extraction. In 2012, on the basis of six subcritical test lines in the company's R & D base, Qikun invested another 30 million yuan to establish a subcritical extraction production demonstration line for processing 80 tons of plant raw materials per day, which has been put into operation for more than five years. It has successfully processed wheat germ, grape seed, decarboxylation after extraction ,cbd crystallization equipment, almond, walnut, flaxseed, Schisandra fruit, Eucommia bark, sandalwood, pumpkin seed, pepper, cumin, cocoa, peony seed, perilla seed, seabuckthorn seed, Ganoderma lucidum spore, forest frog egg, pomegranate seed, rose essential oil, capsanthin and so on in large quantities, and the wheat germ oil and other products have been exported to many countries. The vegetable protein products produced are widely used in food, medicine and other industries. Qi Kun's research has won 5 awards above the second prize of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress, 15 patents, and formulated national standards for subcritical solvents. He has established a professional technical team that can effectively develop different natural products, from the direction of product development, the preparation of product quality standards, the determination of process routes, the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of extraction equipment, and has developed a production line with a daily processing capacity of 0.1 tons to 200 tons. There are more than 70 production lines in operation throughout the country. At present, the technology and equipment are at the international advanced level in the field of natural product development. The principle of subcritical extraction has been used in scientific research and new product development by more than 60 scientific research institutes, with hundreds of patents per year. In 2017 alone, the output value exceeded 50 million yuan. In 2014, an application of subcritical technology won the second prize of national technological invention. Expand the full text While leading the team, Qi Kun also enthusiastically trained sub-critical extraction talents. He served as a tutor of graduate students in five universities, including Tianjin University and Henan University of Technology. Every year, he gave more than ten speeches at national academic exchanges and lectures at universities such as Tsinghua University and South China University of Technology. Special academic exchanges such as subcritical seminars, subcritical forums and the first oil peony forum of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs were organized to widely disseminate subcritical extraction knowledge and achieve good social results. At the same time, Qi Kun is also a scholar with broad vision, wide hobbies and good thinking. For more than a decade, he has appeared on the Internet and in articles as "craftsman Qi Kun". He likes to make by himself, enjoy the process of using tools to create, like natural jade ore, like precision chronographs, like perfect performance of machinery and cars. He likes to travel by car and often travels by bicycle to Tibet, Xinjiang and the Great Hinggan Mountains. At the same time, he also loves music, from Bach, Beethoven to Gershwin's masterpieces to appreciate taste. He loved history and read everything from Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government to Brief History of Henan. He loved Chinese culture, from the Analects of Confucius, Laozi, Lu's Spring and Autumn Annals to Sun Tzu's Art of War. He is also fond of fantasy, from "UFO Exploration" to "Three-Body Problem" without omission, and has a "worrying" type of worry and thinking about the end of the universe. In 2017, Qi Kun won the first "Innovation Competition Award" in Henan Province, and won many honorary titles such as ministerial labor model and science and technology star. He was also elected deputy to the ninth and tenth Henan Provincial People's Congress. Today, Qi Kun is still dedicated to subcritical extraction. His large-scale subcritical continuous extraction process has passed the primary election of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and will be included in the "engineering and technical problems of building a powerful country in science and technology in the world", but their team's joint research is already in progress. The core team of subcritical extraction technology (the second left in the front row is Qi Kun, the original inventor of subcritical extraction technology) Fang Xiaoli, Deputy Secretary of Bozhou Municipal Committee of Anhui Province,wiped film distillation, introduced the application of subcritical technology in traditional Chinese medicine. Discussed with Li Yucai, former Vice Minister of Forestry, the First Oil Peony Forum was held in Subcritical Company Speech at the 12th National Agricultural Products Storage and Processing Science and Technology Exchange Conference Speech at the 26th Annual Academic Meeting of Oil and Fat Branch of China Cereals and Oils Society Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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