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Original Title: TiNi-03 Nickel-Titanium Alloy Rod TiNi-02/TiNi-03 bright wire Specification Coil wire (straight wire) with a diameter of more than 0.1mm Grade: Phase transformation temperature of TiNi-01: 20 ℃ -40 ℃ Phase transformation temperature of TiNi-02: 45 ℃ -90 ℃ Phase transformation temperature of TiNi-SS: 5 ℃ -15 ℃ Phase transformation temperature of TiNi-03: < 5 ℃ Phase transformation temperature of TiNi-YY: 33 ℃ ± 3 ℃ Phase transformation temperature of TiNiCU: As-Ms ≤ 5 ℃ TiNiNb phase transition temperature: As-Ms < 150 ℃ Physical properties of nickel-titanium alloy memory wire: tensile strength: 850 MPa, yield strength: 195 ~ 690 MPa Elongation: 25~50 % Nickel-titanium alloy memory wired Chemical composition: Ni:55.4%-56.2% C≤0.07 H≤0.005 O≤0.050 N:≤0.05 Implementation standards: ASTM — 2063 — 01 ASTM F2063-2000 Shape Memory Alloys Parameters of nickel-titanium alloy memory wire: 1. Field of application Used for superelastic memory alloy mobile phone antenna, children's toy antenna, optical glasses frame. With the development of the times, it began to be gradually used in women's body-shaping clothes, as a scientific research material, and frequently appeared in the material laboratories of various science and engineering colleges. 2. Product characteristics Has the mechanical property and the corrosion resistance, has certain memory function,nickel titanium wire, and can restore the memory shape at the phase transformation temperature. 3. Product classification Temperature memory and elastic memory nickel-titanium alloy is a kind of shape memory alloy. Shape memory alloy is a special alloy that can automatically restore its plastic deformation to its original shape at a specific temperature. Its expansion ratio is more than 20%, its fatigue life is up to the seventh power of 110, its damping characteristic is 10 times higher than that of ordinary springs,ti6al4v eli, and its corrosion resistance is superior to that of medical stainless steel at present, so it can meet the application needs of various engineering and medicine, and it is a very excellent functional material. In addition to the unique shape memory function, shape memory alloy also has the excellent characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high damping and superelasticity. Expand the full text Yehan Industrial (Shanghai) Co., nickel titanium wire ,Titanium 6Al4V wire, Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which integrates smelting, development and production of high-temperature alloys, high-nickel alloys, nickel alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, Inconel alloys, Monel alloys and various special alloy materials. Products include pipes, bars, plates, wires, strips, flanges, forgings and pipe fittings. Products are used in petrochemical, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, chemical industry, electronics, environmental protection, machinery and instrumentation and other fields. (13-6-81-71-31-45zx) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],titanium bar gr5, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands[i]; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= ''''; } else { html+= '''、'; } } return html; }; if(document.getElementById('linkBtn')){ document.getElementById('linkBtn').onclick = function() { $('#brands').removeClass('brand');$ ( '# tipInfo').text ( 'Real name responded'); $ ('#linkBtn').remove();$ ('.real-response .content').css('line-height', '20px');$ ('.real-response .time').css('line-height', '20px'); }; document.getElementById('brands').innerHTML = getBrandHtml(); }; })();。

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