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Original title: Mummert Knives TSK-W: On impulse, I bought a piercing tool that won't rust. Mummert Knives is an American brand of handmade knives. This knife brand is relatively young and was founded by a couple. The characteristic of this brand is that the materials they use are very corrosion-resistant. Therefore, the selection of materials is so characteristic, mainly because they live near the sea, so highly corrosion-resistant materials can meet their needs. Among them, 6Al-4V titanium alloy is the main material they use. 6Al-4V titanium alloy can be used not only to make knife handles, but also to make blades. Although there are few knives using 6Al-4V titanium alloy to make blades, it is not absent. Mummert Knives is one. This straight knife is a product made by Mummert Knives and made of 6Al-4V titanium alloy. Expand the full text Its blade is unique, 6al4v titanium bar , made of YoroiT YoroiTōshi blade, which is the most popular among the Japanese samurai class. The Chinese name of this blade is wearing armor. As the name implies, this blade can penetrate armor. The whole of this knife, both the blade and the handle are made of titanium alloy. One of the biggest advantages of titanium alloy is its corrosion resistance, which can be said to be completely rust-free. The whole knife is anodized in blue, which is exquisite and beautiful. The blade adopts concave grinding treatment, which makes it sharper and reduces the resistance when cutting. Among them, on one side of the blade, you can see this colorful dot treatment. This is Mummert Knives' unique Tungsten Carbide treatment which, after deep impregnation, gives this part a hardness of up to 72HRC. The one-piece keel design is strong and lightweight. Its bone handle is slim and low-profile,titanium filler rod, and Mummert Knives wraps black umbrella ropes around the handle for added grip and anti-slip. The umbrella rope not only has high friction and skid resistance, but also provides comfortable grip and looks more beautiful. A section of umbrella rope sleeve is left at that end of the handle, which can effectively prevent the cut tool from falling off dure fighting or executing a heavy chopping type. The blade scabbard is a black tactical K scabbard that echoes the umbrella rope on the handle. The K scabbard has Mummert Knives'famous titanium alloy clip. The design is very user-friendly and easy to carry in many ways. Total length: 21 CM Blade length: 9.4 CM Blade thickness: 0.47 CM Blade width: 2.7 CM Blade steel: 6Al4V titanium alloy Weight: 55.7 G Scabbard: K sheath Origin: USA Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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