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Being in the wrong job could affect your happiness, choosing the right job is important. If you could do any job what would it be? Don't settle until you're doing the job you love. It might take you a few job hops to get your dream job, but each hop is part of your career journey.


A positive company culture makes you feel motivated about going to work. By choosing a good company culture you get a feeling of belonging, a passion for the company mission, and its vision. Follow companies to find out what makes them tick and what happens on the inside.


Great companies use Jobhop making it easier for you to research them. Knowledge gives you the power of choice. Is it a preferred company to work for? Your ideal company to work at may not be the same as someone else's, that's why doing your own research is important.


Focused, determined, empathetic and adaptable to change? All important requirements for the future of work. A strategic job hopper is agile, hyper-connected, and ambitious. Great people are the backbone of businesses, they are the most valuable asset a good company has.