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Please don’t take this literally; I doubt very much that easyJet employees actually bleed orange, it was just something that Jenna Colley, Recruitment Business Partner at EasyJet said. 

While I was interviewing Jenna at The Glassdoor Best Places To Work 2018 Tour in London, she said that easyJet employees were easyJet to the core, and that’s what she meant by bleeding orange. 

On the easyJet career website, it talks about the “Orange Spirit”  which means forging paths, following dreams and enjoying every single minute of it.

For employees to feel that they belong, so much so that orange is their favourite colour then we need to know what easyJet are doing so well. 

easyJet is flat  

What that means is that there’s isn’t the unnecessary hierarchy that slows down decisions in the workplace.  When an organisation is “flat” it means that people become more approachable, people are not hidden behind closed doors, it makes the organisation human. Easyjet workspace is open plan, they believe this helps with the flat approach to working with each other.    

easyJet has values 

easyJet lives and breathes their values; they're not just hanging on a wall for passers-by to read.

Their values are:

Safety – Our number one value, sitting at the core of everything we do.

Pioneering – We challenge to find new ways to make travel easy and affordable.

One team – Together we’ll always find a way.

Passion – We have a genuine passion for our customers, our people and the work we do.

Integrity – We stand by our word and do what we say.

Simplicity – We cut out the things that don’t matter to keep us lean and make it easy.

easyJet has a vision

Other companies may say they have a vision too but do all their employees know their vision? There’s no point in the managing director knowing the vision and not sharing it with anyone. When every employee knows the vision of the company, then everyone can work together to achieve it. Everyone who works at easyJet is part of the future vision.

easyJet delivers great training 

A lot of learning will always take place on the job, but easyJet will help you develop even more by offering you many types of training opportunities. Learning can be done face-to-face or via learning courses; they even have an online academy. What’s very interesting is something easyJet calls “stretching assignments”, this is where your talent is stretched to its limit. It could mean that you’re put into a senior role for a while to see how you handle it or be given a project that will completely push your abilities. 

easyJet has good benefits

It would make sense to say that you could be attracted to easyJet because you like to travel. It doesn’t matter where you work in easyJet everyone gets heavily discounted flights, discounted rates on holidays, hotels and car hire. Each employee is also given an easyJet Plus Card which obviously opens many doors for you, but we’ve not been able to find out what doors yet, perhaps you can tell us once you start working there! 

easyJet says that hard work never goes unnoticed, their people get rewarded well. So, what are you waiting for? 

Are you ready to join this fast-paced, forward-thinking business and embrace the easyJet orange spirit?  

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Julie Bishop

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On: 2018-04-21 14:11:32.654