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Are you unhappy at work? Although quitting your job may be the ultimate solution, you shouldn’t commit to a life changing decision in haste.

Given the option, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

You’ve probably heard of this adage, which some attribute to Confucius. That’s a bit questionable, though, especially given the limited job choice in ancient China.

Even today, many of us also haven’t got the luxury of choosing a profession they love.

The reasons for unhappiness at work include low pay, job insecurity, and demanding bosses, bad culture among many others.

Whatever the reason, there will be signs showing that you’re not happy at your job. 

Depending on the person, the symptoms could range from having trouble sleeping to suffering a chronic depression.

So what to do in this unpleasant circumstances? Find out what you can do before giving your two weeks notice.

Keep It To Yourself

Complaining achieves nothing, it might even lead to unfavourable consequences. 

How so? 

Well, we live in a world of social media. These days, most people have a tendency to share their thoughts on social platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter.

While venting to a close friend could bring a temporary relief, it’s never a good idea to tell the world about your professional misfortune.

You never know, your boss might read your “I hate my job” tweet.

Go On A Vacation

Even if you love what you do, it’s crucial to take a break every once in a while. Enjoying your time away from strenuous workload gives you a chance to relax, refresh and reflect. 

I’m talking about a full week off here. You on a warm, breezy beach somewhere.

As you lay down in the sun, you’ll be able to think clearly. Do you really hate the work? Or do you dislike the past two months only? 

Give yourself a better chance to figure it out while work isn’t on your mind.


Become A Freelancer

A significant percentage of jobs teaches you valuable skills. Why not use these skills to start a side job?

Even better, what about pursuing a passion of yours to make money?

Some people manage to make a career out of copywriting, with no experience, degree or network.

It doesn’t have to be writing, though. You could be an amateur graphic designer, for example.

Moreover, Google has made it easier than ever to learn anything. Often, for free.

Freelancing offers many perks, chief among them is being your own boss. How would you like that?


Look For A New Job

Thank you for the breakthrough thought, man!

Granted, I’m stating the obvious. Still, your job hunt shouldn’t be so obvious.

Never broadcast your search for a new role, especially not to your colleagues. Keep it quiet and discreet until you actually land a position at another company.

You also need to know it involves more than just sending out applications. If you’re serious about finding employment, you should use all the resources you have to make it happen.

Quit Your Job

Enough is enough, sometimes. Hopefully, though, you only do this after accepting a great job offer from another company. Hand in your notice while offering to help during the transition. Resign with class, there’s no reason to leave ill feelings. 

It’s time to focus on a new chapter in your life. You never know, leaving might be a blessing in disguise.

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Talal Alabbadi  

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On: 2018-04-08 19:23:29.998