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It's nearly Autumn, which means in most parts of the country, it's 24 degrees one day and 14 degrees the next.

Dressing for work becomes a guessing game - do you put on a fleece lined jacket only to sweat all the way to the office on overheated public transport, or do you wear that dress but freeze whilst walking to work?

If you're struggling like the rest of us to find the right attire for those in-between days, here are some office wardrobe ideas for the transitional weather...

What Should Your Autumn Transitional Wardrobe Consist Of? from Jobhop

'Winterise' your summer clothes

Don't move your summer clothes into storage just yet. Ask yourself if a piece can be worn with something underneath or on top and still look good. If you're not ready to say goodbye to that sleeveless dress, layer it over a turtleneck. Or wear tights with a skirt and a chunky jumper. For men, try pairing your favourite summer t-shirt under a suit jacket or blazer.

Layer up

The best protection from changing weather is layers. If you're going to wear a thicker coat to work, wear a lighter top underneath. Or you could try throwing a blazer over a top that you would usually wear on its own. Not only do they add a bit of style to an outfit, but they can also keep your neck warm as the weather gets cooler.

Invest in some transitional pieces

When shopping for clothes, don't think about whether you can wear a certain item now, but think about how you can extend its wear into the next season. Those are the types of clothes that are worth investing in - such as a denim shirt, a long sleeve maxi dress or some pointy flats.

Have some fun

Since there aren't really any 'rules' when it comes to dressing for transitional weather, it's the perfect opportunity to have some fun and experiment with some new looks. Of course, you've got to keep in mind how conservative or casual your workplace is, but even those who have to wear suits everyday can get a bit creative. This can mean anything from matching a shirt with your shoes to wearing autumn-inspired hues, such as burnt orange, gold, and maroon. This goes for both men and women. 

We hope our autumn transition tips for the office have helped! 

All that remains for me to say is...don't forget your umbrella and wellies and have a great and stylish late summer/early autumn. 

Let us know what you do to cope with all four seasons all in one day, we'd love to hear from you over on Twitter

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