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The power of WE is stronger than the power of ME and when there’s a powerful team magical things can happen.

It wouldn’t be good to have everyone the same, and that’s why most offices will have a team of super heroes who have their own unique powers, the question is though, which super hero are you?

The Connector

You’re someone who can sense who needs connecting to who. This unique power works online as well as offline; you tag the right people together on Twitter, bring the right people together in Facebook groups and make plenty of introductions on Linkedin. You come alive at business functions, networking the room and making relationships that will help you, them, your company and others.

The Innovator

It only takes someone to say “We need a new idea” and as if it’s your cue you’re there with the idea that blows everyone’s socks off. You’re known for putting on clothes inside out and wearing odd socks, but that’s ok because your head is mostly somewhere else. You’re unconventional with a strong belief that customers don’t know what they want yet.

The Persuader

Your voice is smooth and velvety, your touch is magical, your eyes are enchanting, and your smile is magnetising. You’re the one that swoops in when a customer is disgruntled; it’s down to you to persuade them not to put a 1star review online. It’s also you that persuades potential customers to come along to a seminar or a promotions day. You’ll also find that as a persuader your services will be required at exhibitions where there’s only a limited time to get people onto the stand and get them interested. 

The Closer  

You’re the one who knows what questions to ask to get the answers required to secure the deal. You swoop in at exactly the right time, like a bird of prey, there’s only ever one winner and it’s you. 

The Troubleshooter 

Most of the time your power isn’t required, but every so often some things don’t go to plan. When something starts to spiral out of control, then it’s you who knows exactly what to do to get everything back on track. You sniff out trouble then you eliminate it, and you’re usually paid very handsomely for your super power.

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Julie Bishop

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On: 2017-09-03 22:55:09.975