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If you’re changing jobs, how do you decide whether the culture of an organisation is a good fit for you?

An ideal organisation is a culture with a shared belief system, and clearly stated values that its employees recognise and relate to.

A positive community

The positive company culture invests in its community. It creates opportunities for colleagues to come together and interact, both in and out of the workplace. This encourages professional and personal friendships between employees, which in turn leads to a positive working environment. Does your potential employer celebrate successes with its workers? Is there a supportive team spirit? Does the company reward its staff, for example with a share of profits?

Staff turnover

Does the organisation retain staff or shed employees? Employee turnover is a great indicator of company culture. Staff who feel supported by their colleagues and management and are encouraged to develop tend to be happier. If they’re happy in the workplace they are more likely to remain.

Consider whether the organisation demonstrates fairness. Leadership should be strong and inclusive. Favouritism and office politics ought to be minimised. Note whether employees demonstrate pride in the organisation.

Supportive management

Examine the dynamic between leaders and colleagues. Managers who support flexible, remote working trust their staff to deliver. A flexible working schedule can inspire a higher level of commitment and dedication to work. Employees feel trusted, and they enjoy the benefits of work routines that accommodate their personal commitments.

Does the leadership team appear trustworthy, and do their actions reflect their words? Do managers appear honest, reliable, and ethical?

Successful managers support innovation; they encourage suggestions and ideas from colleagues. An innovative culture inspires confidence and motivates employees to work hard. This helps an organisation flourish.

Research your organisation

Research a company prior to your interview. You can learn a lot about an organisation through its website. Do they have a list of core values or a mission statement? Have there been any major changes in leadership, or has the company recently undergone expansion or announced staff redundancies? Any big changes suggest volatility, which will impact its workforce.

Look for reviews by employees (remember these will be subjective, and possibly polarised). You’re seeking an overall impression of the company, so note if any salient points gain frequent mention. Are employees mainly enthusiastic and positive about their organisation? If you’re on social media, perhaps reach out to some current employees. Let them know that you’re attending an interview and ask what the company is like to work for.

On interview day, arrive early so you get a chance to observe office dynamics. Arm yourself with useful questions. How do teams collaborate and communicate? Does the organisation encourage flexible working, and if so, how? Ask about learning and growth opportunities, to ascertain how the company nurtures employee development.

A supportive company cares about its workforce. Many organisations increasingly invest in their employees’ well-being. Practical initiatives include improved maternity leave, childcare packages, onsite gyms, mental health support via counselling, yoga, and meditation classes.

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