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We talk about how Jobhop is going to make employment human, but what do we mean by that? 

What is currently wrong? 

At Jobhop we’re on a mission, that mission is to make employment human.

Let me explain:

It starts right at the beginning during the recruitment process.

Firstly we believe the candidate experience is a crappy one for many, here are a few reasons:

*Candidates fail to find out what they’re looking for during research phase.
*Candidates aren’t able to chat online with someone about potential roles or just ask general career questions. 
*They can’t ask employees questions because they’re not active online.
*The website hasn’t got a careers section, or it has, and it’s very poor.
*The candidate wants to know about the company culture and its ethics, but there’s no internal information it’s all external information. 
*The company is only geared up for what it can do for the customer, there’s nothing about what it can do for a potential employee.

Let’s say the candidate has decided to apply for a job anyway, here are more crappy candidate experiences.

The candidate applies for a job on a job board but then realises the job has been there for six months. Alarm bells ring out, either nobody wants to work at this place, the job isn’t real, or the job has been filled, and the company can’t be bothered to take it off.

Let’s say it’s a real job, and the candidate applies via their mobile, fifteen clicks later the candidate wants to cry and just gives up. Nobody can fill in so much on their mobile and who can read that much text? 

On reflection the candidate wasn’t sure about the job anyway, the job specification was very one sided, it was all about what was required from the applicant, nothing about what the employer was prepared to do in return. 

For the sake of this post we’ll say the candidate went home got their desktop computer fired up and eventually applied for the job.

A few things can happen:

Once they’ve finished applying for the job, they’re greeted by this message “ If you do not hear from us then your application has been unsuccessful” That’s jolly un-decent isn’t it! Don’t worry about the poor candidate who’s left in limbo and would appreciate some feedback as to why their application wasn’t successful. How can the candidate improve when they’re not given a reason why they never made base one.

Equally bad is when the application form gets submitted, probably into a black hole because nothing is ever heard again. 

Or how about this, the candidate fills in lots of stuff online then gets asked to send in a CV as well! Seriously! 

The interview

The candidate gets invited to an interview, all very exciting but what would be good is for the candidate to understand the interview process, but where can they find that information?

  • How long will the interview last?
  • What questions get asked?
  • How long will it take to receive an answer or feedback after the interview?
  • Will there be a second interview? 
  • What options are available if the interview wasn't successful?
  • This information and more should be readily accessible for the candidate.


The interview went well; someone said they'd be in touch, but three months later the candidate is still waiting! 

Ghosting out on a candidate isn’t rare, it’s very common. In fact, 52.7% of UK workers were ghosted after an interview! 

How does that leave the candidate? Disgruntled, angry, confused, upset, revengeful, yes all of those emotions and more! Do you think the candidate will tell others how let down they feel, too right they will!

On top of that how do candidates feel when they find out that they never got past base one because the machine couldn't detect the right keywords in the application.

These are just some of the things that Jobhop are on a mission to change

It’s not impossible, and we like to think everything is possible!

JOIN Jobhop and spread the word. 

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