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A great interview with Anna Stevenson which took place at the coffee shop inside Waitrose in Norwich. Jobhop interviews can happen anywhere!

Anna Stevenson runs a PR and marketing company, Stevenson Consulting but before that she’d worked in PR nationally and internationally.

Anna talks about what route to take if you’re looking to get a PR job, the best way to get started in PR and the importance of getting experience.

When asked whether PR is glamorous, because it does sound a rather glamorous job, her answer was a bit yes but also a bit no. Anna gives us an insight into the glamorous side of PR and the not so glamorous side of it. She also discusses crisis management, because even though a big part of PR is getting good news stories out to the masses, there's also the not so good days when things could go wrong. To be a PR person when things go wrong can be very challenging, you have to be able to stay calm, organised and not to panic in the middle of possible chaos when everyone around you are running around losing their heads. One example Anna gives us is how as a PR manager she had to deal with a helicopter crash; luckily there weren't any fatalities but for some PR managers that isn't the case. Another example of dealing with chaos, this time in a fun way was when the whole cast of Friends arrived at a hotel where she was PR manager. 

Anna suggests that to get a PR job today then you should have social media know how because that's how people communicate and how they like to get their news.

You would also understand that PR is as much internal as external which means working for a company isn't only be about communicating news to customers, it also means communicating news to employees.

Anna goes onto to give a couple of valuable top tips on how to get a PR job. One tip was to volunteer to get the required experience, just as Anna did when she first started out. Another tip is to do everything with a smile because people always remember the ones who smile.

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