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Jobhop wants to give it’s community the best, in order to do that we constantly reach out and collaborate with the top minds, to bring you the best knowledge they have to offer. 

We have compiled a Jobhop favourite list of great career and recruiting blogs which we love to read and we’re sure you will too.

The bloggers themselves are wonderful people, you can easily reach out to them should you wish to ask them any questions, you can leave a comment on their posts or chat with them on Twitter.

In no particular order the Top 12 career and recruiting Blogs chosen by Jobhop are:  

 A great blog written by Katrina Collins who's a whizz when it comes to social media for the jobseeker and for the recruiter. Anything from your social media presence, engagement and behaviour, is covered in her blog posts. Katrina is also a real chatty person online and you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with her on any of the platforms.

Bubble jobs is a digital career portal with a pretty brilliant blog. Amy & Lauren post on subjects like perfecting your online brand, approaching employers on Linkedin, as well as subjects like becoming an apprentice or going to college.

Mildred Talabi is not only an awards winning careers blogger, she’s also a published careers author. CV’s are her speciality, she’s helped many jobseekers create winning CV’s. Mildred’s blog is right from her heart, you get an immediate feeling that she genuinely wants to help you get a job and if anyone can, she can. 

The Undercover Recruiter 

A great blog which helps jobseekers, career climbers and recruiter, run by the incredible team at Linkhumans ( link to It’s very much based on getting many people to share their experiences and knowledge in order to help others. 

David who writes Learning to leap has had over ten years in coaching people and that experience presents itself in his posts which are positive, encouraging and motivating. If you feel like you need a bit of rocket fuel to propel you up the career ladder then I’d advise you to have a read. 

The name of the blog does say 40 plus career guru but the advice Neil Patrick gives is adaptable to whatever age you are. Neil’s posts really get you thinking about the work place, how it is today, how it will be tomorrow, how artificial intelligence will change peoples jobs, how AI will replace employees and what the prospects are for jobseekers.  

The Guardian Careers 

Many experts come together on this career blog to give their advice and top tips for successful job hunting. Tips range from time management for jobseekers, getting your old job back, happy work places to posts about getting a job as a software developer without a degree. They’ll definitely be a post here that will relate to your circumstances. 

 T Recs by Mervynn Dinnen 

Mervyn’s CV is pretty impressive, having worked and blogged at Monster worldwide, Broadbean Technology and Jobsite, to name a few. Mervyn is an award winning blogger blogging about recruitment, workplace trends, industry conferences and much more. His blog posts are always to great read.

Sirona Blog

Sirona blog by Andy Headworth is a resource of knowledge for any employer or recruiter who wants to get to grips with social recruiting. You’ll get to read about recruiting strategies,recruiting technology as well as attracting and sourcing good candidates. 


These days the blog is written by Siofra Pratt who writes for recruiters as well as candidates. Sofia not only writes about recruiting hacks,Twitter tips and CV mistakes, she’ll also capture what’s topical to make examples more interesting. For example Siofra uses the BBC period drama series Poldark, as a role model for recruiters. Very clever! 


The person behind Social-Hire is super social Tony Restell, again another person who’d easy to reach and chat with on all the social media platforms.                                          The Social-Hire Blog is signposted Recruiter Blog OR Candidate blog so you can click on the one the tab right for you. Tony writes a lot of the blog posts himself, however there are  also many contributions from other career and recruiting experts, making Social-Hire a hub of great information.

The world of work blog attracts many contributors specialising in different areas of expertise. The blog is nicely categorised into: 

  • Workplace culture and innovation
  • Career strategy 
  • Talent management
  • HR Technology
  • Social business
  • Leadership

As you can see there’s something for everyone. If you’re still wanting more after that you can link straight into a #Tchat event that Talent Culture hold every Wednesday on Twitter. #Tchat brings together like minded people, where ideas, thoughts and advice are exchanged.   

If you can add to this list then please let us know

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