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Google Chrome extensions aren’t just helpful for recruiters; they can be useful for jobseekers too.

We have researched a variety of extensions that assist you in searching for that next career move. If you’re looking for a new job, these 10 Google Chrome extensions should be part of your search.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should already be playing the social game – liking, commenting, retweeting, sharing and just generally building positive relationships online.

Once you’ve done that, these 10 extensions will boost your social networking all the way to that dream job.

Top 10 google chrome extension tools for job seekers from Jobhop

1. 1.  Buffer

Whether you’re already an established professional or you’re just beginning your job search, it’s essential for you to build a personal brand. One of the easiest ways to do this is to participate in conversations and demonstrate your expertise. Buffer is an extension that can help job seekers develop their personal brand throughout their job search. You can utilise this extension to schedule multiple social media posts throughout the day so you then won’t have to manually post every time to all of your social accounts.

2  2.  Ginger

When you’re putting together social media posts, emails or any other form of written communication, it’s critical that you use the correct spelling and grammar. Ginger is an extension that acts as a proof-reader, helping to correct spelling and grammar errors. Make sure you use this extension next time you’re creating your CV or cover letter or writing an email to a recruiter.

3.    3,  Rapportive

This extension gives you a visual of your contacts LinkedIn profile so that you’re able to establish rapport and grow your network. You’re able to see a photo of your contact, see if they are nearby, any shared connections you both may have and what they do for a living. When you’re able to see information about your contacts from your inbox, you can make your interactions with recruiters and potential employers a lot more personal.

4. 4. Todoist

Todoist is an extension that helps to manage your daily tasks and allows you to become more organised and productive by becoming your own personal task manager. Not only will it assist you in keeping on top of your job search, but it’s also a great time management tool that you’re able to share with potential employers and recruiters.

5. 5.   Save To Pocket

When looking for jobs online, you’re bound to come across numerous job postings, blog posts, social media profiles, news articles, company websites, and more. It can be difficult to keep track of all of these and read them all at once. Save To Pocket is an extension that will help you to organise and save all of your web pages that you come across during your job search. This extension will allow you to save however many pages you find so you’re able to read them later and have  them organised and stored all in one place.

6. 6. Wise Stamp

We’re all aware that most employers look up job candidates on social media before making a hiring decision so this makes it extremely important for candidates to not only be active on social media, but to also feel comfortable that employers will easily be able to find their accounts. WiseStamp will allow you to add links to all of your social profiles into your Gmail signature every time you send an email to a potential employer or recruiter. This way, they will have easy access to your accounts and this will further develop your brand.

7.   7. StayFocusd

It’s important for job seekers to stay focused each day throughout their job search. StayFocusd is an extension that increases your productivity and will limit the amount of time you spend on certain websites. This extension lets you set how much time you can spend on specific websites and once that time is reached, that site is blocked for the rest of the day. For example, if you’re spending too much time on Twitter when you should be concentrating on your job search, you can set a limit for 30 minutes and when you’ve been on that site for that long, you will be unable to visit Facebook again until the next day.

8.     8. Session Manager

This extension allows you to pause any web page while it’s still in progress. For example, if you’re in the middle of filling out an application and you suddenly need to leave, you can use this extension to save the work you’ve already done. You don’t need to log back in and you won’t lose any of the information that you’ve already put into the application.

9.    9. Feedly

As you establish your personal brand, it’s important to share relevant information with your social followings. Feedly is an extension that will allow you to add a variety of blogs, websites and RSS feeds to your Feedly account. Not only will this extension help you to stay up to date on industry news and top interview advice, but it will also save you time with posting.

1     10. Companybook Insider

Companybook Insider is an extension that will give you insights about a company from any websites. As you’re researching companies during your job search, this Chrome extension provides you with links to company information latest news, social media pages, as well as similar companies. This information will be useful if you’re trying to learn more about a company and will also provide you with topics to discuss in a potential interview.

You can use these extensions to network, find jobs and highlight your personal brand to recruiters and potential employers.

Whether you’re experienced or an entry-level, candidate, there is always going to be tools to assist you in the job search process. Utilise these Chrome extensions to not only network and search for a job, but also to highlight your personal brand to potential employers and recruiters.

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