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We all love a good story; we love listening to them, and we love telling them to others.  We all like good rags to riches stories, you’ve probably heard the one about a local business person who started with nothing and is now a millionaire, or the apprentice who now owns the company. There’s the story of a well-known company that started up because the owner needed a widget but couldn’t find one so decided to create their own, or the one of the mum who built her business up while juggling the children, whatever the story it emotionally connects people.

People remember stories, people tend to forget facts and figures, and that’s why every company must tell its story.

When you have employees every one of them should must know the story of how the company started, why it started and what challenges or opportunities along made it what it is today.

I know a well-known business man who tells the story of how he broke his leg, it was that break (literally) that changed the direction for him, and the result was a very successful business. Another story I love was of another highly successful business who’s founder started off penniless, so he built the first office brick by brick himself from second-hand bricks! 

When employees hear these stories, they get to understand the challenges, the persistence, the sweat, the desire for these businesses to exist, why they exist and why they must continue to exist. 

Because we’ve been brought up on stories we are all natural storytellers, so by making sure your employees know the story you’re making it easy for them to share the brand through the art of storytelling. Your employees won't even know they’re marketing the business, to them, the story has given them a captive audience, which is always nice so it’s a win-win. 

How to imprint the company story on every employee

Make sure you tell the story at every opportunity:

  • At the Christmas party when you thank all your employees for a successful year
  • When you’re interviewed on local or national radio or TV
  • On your website on the “about us” page
  • In your brochures
  • Timeline on the office wall 
  • Pictures on the walls of when you first started out 
  • In the employee handbook 
  • During employee inductions 
  • Celebrate 10 yrs/ 25yrs/ 100 yrs with a party & another chance to tell the story
  • Build a social media campaign around the story 
  • Print up a memory book and give out to every employee as a present 
  • When you’re asked to give a presentation, start with the story

And so on.... 

Whatever you do NEVER STOP telling the company story! 

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Julie Bishop Jobhop

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On: 2016-01-16 09:21:41.706