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It used to be the norm for parents to drag their teenagers out of bed on a Saturday morning to get them up and out for their Saturday job.

Sleepy-eyed youngsters would wobble around on their bikes as they delivered local papers, or throw back a coffee to keep them going while putting on their fast food uniform for the day. 

However, it seems that more and more teenages are getting a lie-in on Saturdays now, with fewer youngsters working on Saturdays than ever before, with the number of 13 to 15-year-olds with a Saturday or evening job falling by a fifth in the past five years.

Working at the weekend can sometimes feel like a bit of a pain, but today we're sharing with you 11 reasons for you to stick with working part-time while you're in education...

1. Build valuable work experience

These days, employers tend to favour those with experience over education. Although a degree is still very valuable, it's even more valuable when paired with a CV full of experience. Teenagers who are able to work during their high school and college years are able to demonstrate this experience and build valuable skills on their CV. This experience also demonstrates that they're able to successfully balance work and education at the same time.

2. Makes life more affordable

Parents of teenagers today know how expensive it is to have an adolescent in the house: clothes, electronics, even a car can all add up to huge bills. Some families can afford these things, but not all can or want to pay for them. When teenagers undertake a part-time job, they are able to contribute to the purchase of these expenses or fund them completely themselves.

3. You can build connections

Another great way that part-time work benefits a teenagers CV is references. By working part-time, teens are able to establish contacts with adult employers that can function as references and give recommendations in the future. These connections may even be able to offer future job opportunities once students are able to work at a more advanced level.

4. Provides a constructive use of free time

Teenagers who might otherwise be idle find something good to do in their free time after school. Employers offer a sort of adult supervision for teen workers, giving them a productive activity that goes beyond their school work. Keeping teens busy instead of idle just might be the key to keeping them out of trouble during the late afternoon and evening.

5. Working during school years teaches balance

Although it's true that holding down a part-time job can interfere with school work, this strain can also be an important lesson. Those who work while still maintaining school, learn about the struggles of an adult life full of responsibilities and have an opportunity to explore how they'll balance all their commitments as an adult. Learning this valuable lesson while still under a watchful parent eye offers an excellent opportunity to explore when the stakes are not so high.

6. Job searching is a great exercise for future opportunities

When an adult struggles to find a job, it can be a big deal, but teenagers who struggle to find employment don't have so much at stake. Conducting a job search as a teen is a great time to teach kids skills like writing a CV, filling out an application, and learning how to give a good interview. Mastering these skills at such a young age can help teens to be better prepared when it's time to find a career.

7. Builds confidence

As teenagers work at a part-time job, they learn just how capable they are, building confidence and self-reliance. This can help teens feel more independent, and develop a sense of responsibility as a young adult.

8. Part-time work can open doors

You may be beavering away to finish your A-levels or degree without realising that your part-time job is what you're really good at. It sometimes happens that teenages actually stick with their Saturday role that they thought was just a temporary job in a shop, and end up flourishing in a retail career in the long run.

9. Good for your CV

Regardless of what type of part-time work you do, it will boost your CV. You will also be able to show employers that you successfully managed the responsibilities of school or uni work and were able to hold down a job at the same time. 

10. Offers an opportunity for financial education

When teens begin to earn their very own money, the real lesson begins. As they earn money and then spend it, parents have the opportunity to teach their children about responsible money management. Contributing to their car expenses, creating a budget and learning just how much things like food and petrol cost are all lessons that are possible with a teenager's pay check.

11. Encourages a healthy transition to adulthood

Holding down a job is a very important stepping stone into adulthood. With a job, teenagers are able to better practice independence and self-reliance. This is especially true for those that come from a background of poverty, allowing them to find the opportunity to live an improved life.

It can be difficult for teenagers to juggle work and extracurricular activities as well as a part-time job. It's important that teens still get enough sleep and also have the time and environment to concentrate on their school work. When the correct balance is found, a combination of excellent school results and workplace skills can contribute greatly to a child realising their potential in the future.

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