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During half term week something is happening in Norwich which has never happened before anywhere in the UK, it’s a first!  The event is called Digital City, and the goals are simple.

We want to:

  • Show young people the types of digital jobs available
  • Break down barriers 
  • Get young people connected to employers
  • Encourage companies to showcase their culture
  • Disrupt how recruiting is currently done 
  • Make employment human
  • Give young people a vision
  • Make employment transparent 
  • Showcase the great companies in Norwich
  • Keep our homegrown talent here in Norwich 

What is it? 

Do you remember ever going on a nature trail? Well, it’s a bit like that but with companies who employ people with digital skills.

The idea comes from entrepreneur, Kieran Miles when he was following a Norwich event called GoGo dragons.

GoGo Dragons was a fund raising event organised by Break Charity, where 84 large dragon sculptures were placed around the city, and each one could be found by following the dragon trail on the map.  

Kieran wondered if it could be done with companies, everyone was familiar with the concept so why shouldn’t it work. 

Companies quickly come forward to participate, as did schools and colleges, both could see the huge need to bring the two together.

So, it’s happening next week, during half term, Monday - Friday between the hours of 10 am -4 pm each day.

To join in go to and check what companies are participating.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a digital editor, social media manager, community manager, user tester, front end or back end developer, digital designer, ethical hacker, content creator, digital advertising exec, etc... then next week is for you! 

Join in with the tweets following the hashtag #DigitalCity 

We will also be Periscoping, make sure to follow me on Twitter & Periscope @jobhopjulie to get the daily updates.

See you next week! 

JOIN Jobhop and spread the word.

Digital City Norwich

Sketch by Chris Spalton

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