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We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Tess Ashwin from Right Angle, The Events Specialists.

For this interview Kyria and I thought we’d do a double act, I would ask a few questions and then Kyria would do the same. It went a bit wrong, we didn’t position ourselves in front of the camera correctly, and you can hear Kyria, but you can’t see her! It’s not what some people have suggested that I was trying to hog the limelight and steal Kyria’s thunder, who me, never! 

Please watch the video to find out how Tess got her job at Right Angle, and how she’s now progressed in the company.

You’ll also find out about her job journey from lingerie fashion to events, as well as her travels during a gap year.

Tess tells us how she didn’t know what she wanted to do but she listened to the advice her parents gave her, and that was to make sure to enjoy whatever job she chooses to do. 

We find out what a typical day is like at Right Angle for Tess and the great clients she gets to work with and why she’s called the “Warden of The North”. 

Tess also shares some great advice on getting your dream job, something all of us should listen to and act upon. 

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Julie Bishop

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On: 2017-09-03 22:52:03.388