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We need to use social media in schools!

Schools need to understand that technology is changing the way we all communicate .. as did steam and electricity did in the past. It’s now the norm to communicate using social media so it would make sense to teach social media in schools.

Social media in schools has to be accepted as another form of communication

Quick history lesson .. Steam enabled newspapers and books to be published, we were able to communicate with the power of the written word. Then along came electricity and communication evolved once more, we were able to communicate via radio and then television . Today we have the power of technology enabling everyone to communicate online.

“Everyone” also includes recruiters and employers, 90% of employers said that they will try social recruiting ( recruiting using social media).  If that’s the case why aren’t schools doing more to educate students on how to use social media with work in mind.

Teachers should be showing students how to reach out and attract employers and recruiters with professional profiles, how to engage in talent communities and how to tap into the hidden job market.

At the very basics our students should be showed how to use social media as a research tool, to obtain as much information on companies that they’d like to work for, the types of people who already work there & what positions are typically filled.

One of the important subjects which should be discussed within classrooms around the country is the affects of digital dirt. Posting something that could show someone in a negative light, which could affect any chance of getting employed.

If a school thinks that the easy option is to ban social media then they’re doing our students a huge injustice as they’re effectively holding them back. Technology has changed and it's changing how we communicate, teachers should take responsibility to empower our students with social media, not hold them back.

Teachers also have to understand that businesses need digital savvy people to help propel companies for the future, if students are prepared with these tools at school then it will help them in more ways than one to get employed.

Teachers what’s your strategy to empower students with social media?

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Julie Bishop 


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