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Recruitment in the next decade, will it change much? 

Hell yea! Well that’s what I say ( Julie Bishop, Founder of ) 

In 2010 I was going on about social recruiting and many people just gave me a wide berth, they thought I was some strange preacher of the future.

If you’re still in the dark about social recruiting then here's a quick explanation:

Social recruiting is using the many online tools and tactics available to recruiters whilst building relationships and being social. Social recruiting, also known as recruitment marketing, will attract and source candidates and hook them by showcasing the company culture, benefits, team members etc.

Don’t worry if you are still in the dark about social recruiting because surprisingly there are still many companies and people who are yet to learn more about it. However, from 2020 onwards social recruiting will become more the norm and you’ll have internal recruiters everywhere showcasing the company culture and onboarding experiences through Instagram stories and using Facebook Live to host Q&A sessions for interested candidates etc...

Talent will matter more, companies will demand more, the unicorn candidate who is agile and can pivot at the drop of a hat will be in demand. How companies recruit will change and here are some of my predictions for the future of recruitment. 

Candidate Experience 

Early adopters already know that candidate experience is as important as customer experience. 

Every candidate should be treated with respect from beginning to end. When a candidate enquires about a job role they shouldn’t be left hanging for days waiting for an answer. If a candidate asks a question it needs to be answered quickly and if they’re promised feedback then that promise shouldn’t be broken. Over 80% of people say that a negative candidate experience will put them off a company that they once liked; these candidates are also customers who know other customers, so a bad candidate experience can also affect your sales.

Candidate User Experience 

How a candidate finds what they’re looking for on your website has to be good. Websites without career sections are no longer acceptable, and it’s no longer acceptable to just showcase a few jobs, with half of them expired! The candidate wants a hub of information that they can easily navigate, and think about what will get them excited about working at your company? They want to be easily signposted to benefits, training, career opportunities, the team they could be working with, the interview process, a behind the scenes video and more. How fast your website loads is equally as important because if they click a LinkedIn post or a tweet to learn more about your company culture and your website takes too long to load then they won’t hang around, you’ve lost them. 


Because the candidate craves information 24/7 and there are only so many hours a human can work then in the next decade chatbots will be at hand more to help. Questions about jobs, interviews, opening times etc.. can easily be answered by chatbots, whether that’s on the career website or social media. 

Video Interviews 

Video interviews are gaining popularity, but rather than a Skype interview where the recruiter is still required, video interviews using artificial intelligence will become more popular. 

Video interviews using artificial intelligence will be able to video many candidates at once, the analytics can then determine which candidates to put forward to the recruiter for a second interview. Artificial intelligence will qualify the candidates saving valuable man-hours for the recruiter. 

Agile Job Descriptions 

Due to the speed of everything, what a company needs from an employee today could completely change tomorrow. That means job descriptions will need to be agile and candidates also need to be agile. Employees will want to have a holistic experience at companies, they will want to learn about many departments, not just one aspect of the business. When recruiting it’s good to have an agile approach and the candidate is probably looking for that too.

What recruitment predictions do you have for the next decade? 

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