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Have you considered what recruitment challenges Brexit will bring?

The Country is now in preparation for full Brexit and employers are bracing themselves for the impact. Employers have been struggling to recruit talent due to a continued, critical skills shortage and the future doesn’t look like it’s going to be any easier. The skills shortage is currently hitting construction, hospitality and social care hard, it seriously needs addressing. Current research by Bullhorn’s 2020 Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) shows that nearly half of recruiters surveyed thought that the shortage of skills and talent was worse now than five years ago. Another survey by Zoesk found that 60% expect to be negatively affected by post-Brexit immigration plans.

Add to the gloom, we’re still not sure about what will happen to the EU born residents, approx 3.6m who represent 7.5% of the UK workforce; on top of that add the “brain drain” that’s currently ongoing at Universities. 

European workers are crucial for the UK economy; 

employers and recruiters can help by signposting them to apply for Settled Status > you can access it here < the deadline is June 30th 2021.

Come January 1st 2021 UK employers should have their contingency plans in place and be ready for any impact and knock-on effect the Brexit creates.

The government wants us to believe that everything will be sorted by having a points-based system in place but already there is confusion and doubt around how this is going to benefit the UK. The salary threshold of £30,000 is a concern, considering critical staff like nurses and teachers can earn a lot less. The NHS is already in a position of desperately needing to recruit 40,000+ nurses, and what if a large number of nurses in the NHS who are made up of non-UK workers are made to feel not welcome anymore? You can see why there is bewilderment over this salary threshold; the government currently hasn’t officially said it will be lowered but a new figure of £26,500 is on the cards.  

Also, think about why the “Brightest and Best” would even want to come and work in the UK when people are leaving because it’s become an unfriendly environment. 

Currently, the prospects of hiring future talent are looking dire for the UK.

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