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Jobhop are currently on the look out for associates to be part of our mission to make employment human and share the message.

It’s relatively straight forward being a Jobhop associate and you get paid too! 


  • You’re passionate about keeping our talent here in the UK
  • You want employers to reach out to young digital talent more than they do 
  • You feel that recruitment needs a shake up
  • You believe that company culture is important
  • You want companies to have better employer brands

Then you sound like you’d be a good Jobhop Associate

Typically you would be:

  • A career blogger 
  • A social recruiter
  • A business advisor/coach 
  • A business mentor

As a Jobhop Associate you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can obtain marketing materials like email links and website banners, all of which have a unique code to you. 

Let’s say you recommend Jobhop to an employer using an email link in a message and the employer clicks the link. Because the link is unique to you, we will know the employer visited the site because of you, and if the employer upgrades to a paid for package you will earn a commission. 

The commission is a very favourable 27%. Each upgrade is currently at a special price of £99 and as an early Jobhop Associate you will always receive 27%, even when the price rises.

When you apply we check that you are who you say you are, you’ll then receive an email from us if you’ve been accepted as a Jobhop Associate and shown to your dashboard, where the magic happens! You’ll also get invited to join the Jobhop Associates group where we swap ideas and support one another.

This is a great way to earn extra money while spreading a very important message.

Together we will help employers attract great candidates and we’ll get to keep our talent here in the UK. 

Head over to the Jobhop Associates page and join the mission! 

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