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The latest Jobhop interview was with Kieran Miles founder of KakeCo 

The KakeCo mission is to help businesses keep up to speed and stay relevant in a digital age. Typical questions asked by companies these days are:

How do digital consumers embrace contact-less payment?

How have behavioural buying patterns changed? 

What're the benefits of using Youtube?

How can Snapchat make an impact? 

KakeCo has the answers and educates companies on the trends that will benefit their business.  

Kieran tells us how he likes to employ enthusiastic people who appreciate what it's like to work in a start-up environment.

These people can work in an environment where they learn as they go along, they’re able to adapt quickly, they’re responsive, ambitious, tolerant and are solution finders to the challenges they meet. 

Over time Kieran has learned to trust his gut instinct, he always asks himself, would he comfortable have lunch with the candidate? Would they both share stories and find each other interesting? He then looks at skills and looks at what value they could bring to KakeCo. 

Kieran has always recruited via word of mouth and has never had to rely on traditional recruitment methods, Jobs adverts or recruitment agencies. 

He believes that word of mouth recruiting has always worked for him because he’s clear about the type of person he would employ, and other people know who would fit well into Kieran’s business. Therefore they only recommend good matches.  

The Kakeco company culture attracts great people who want to work there, not only because it looks a cool, vibrant place to work but because it has strong ethics.  

Kakeco has a commitment to its local community, and the whole business has been built on the ethos of giving back. This means KakeCo are continuously looking for ways to bring people, products and services to the people to make the community better. KakeCo are also very passionate about global warming; they have a carbon tax, and they are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Kakeco believes that every employee should be part of something bigger than themselves, they should know there’s a bigger cause, and they should want to take it on and do something about it.  

Kieran also tells us that bean bags are important for businesses but a bean bag doesn’t make a company culture and there has to be an underlying message for the use of a bean bag at a company. Kieran goes on to say that if a company wanted its employees to relax more, then the message is “we’ve given you bean bags to help you relax more”, the same goes with bar football and table tennis, they shouldn’t just be gimmicks. 

Kakeco is fun, focused and mission led, we’re also told that they celebrate a lot, in fact, every small win they like to celebrate and apparently there are wins every day! That’s a lot of celebrating!  

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