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Here at Jobhop, we like to hold interviews with employers of great companies, and I had great pleasure in interviewing Kathryn Wright, managing director at Discount Vouchers.

We chatted about company culture, internal branding, the team at Discount Vouchers and what they do there to recruit good employees.

Kathryn started with Discount Vouchers when they were in London but has now moved the company to Norwich. Kathryn says that the team could all work remotely if they wanted to but enjoy coming into the office each day.

I asked Kathryn about the culture at Discount Vouchers, and she explained that it’s an efficient culture where employees are encouraged to learn and share ideas which in return leads to a happy and productive workforce.

When Kathryn joined Discount Vouchers, there were 28 employees but now running a lean set-up, employees are a team of 4 and a half ( I forgot to ask her who the half a person was!) and are all agile enough to change direction at the drop of a hat. Kathryn believes that being an agile employee is a skill that’s much required in today's digital world; it makes her employees more employable being able to pivot like that. This type of culture wouldn’t suit everyone, so many people like structure and even if someone had all the skills for a job at Discount Vouchers but weren't a culture fit, they would not get the job.

So how do Discount Vouchers recruit its employees? It seems that traditional methods don’t generate the best candidates, job boards have generated lots of candidates who said they were great on social media but after quick checks, they actually weren’t. The two best-recruiting methods for Discount Vouchers have been using social media to network with potential candidates and also attending networking events and finding candidates at them. Kathryn says that she’s impressed when she meets candidates at networking events because they’ve usually worked all day, but instead of going home to couch surf they get out there to learn more and make more connections because they’re passionate about what they do. 

In the interview, Kathryn tells us about an answer someone gives to one of the questions asked at a Discount Vouchers job interview, all I can say is it’s hilarious!  She also tells us what Discount Vouchers has in store as it propels forward into the future. 

Josie, the office dog, becomes quite vocal during the interview, must remember to bring more bones into the office to keep her quiet for when we chat to our next guest!  

Now watch the video and enjoy. 

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