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Ask yourself this “What is your employer brand?”

Does your company naturally attract great candidates?

Do your employees love working there so much that they actively try to recruit everyone they know to work there too? 

Do other companies try to emulate your company?

Can you honestly say that you’re the peoples preferred employer ? 

If you’ve answered yes to all the questions and you’re fully aware of what your employer brand means, then yes you should be tweeting about it.

Having a great employer brand is worth tweeting about!

When you have a great employer brand the message naturally travels, people get to hear about “the great company to work for”... How? Your employees, they just love to tell everybody what a great company it is that they work for, they are your company’s ambassadors. When social media is thrown into the mix your great employer brand message gets to travel a lot further.

Twitter is a great platform with the ability to reach many people in a very short time. As well as yourself and your marketing team, your employees should be encouraged to share their  great message on it. If your employees have had the right social media training and you operate a social business then it will be easy and fun for them to do so. 

What should you tweet about your employer brand? 


Are you proud of the training you deliver to your employees? If you are tweet about it, tweet what’s involved, tweet pictures of a typical training day. Encourage employees to tweet during training. You could have the best training face selfie, get your attendees to ask questions via Twitter, get them to seek answers from their Twitter community, even get them to review the training in 140 characters. 

Social activities 

Work hard, play hard! Whether it be table tennis during lunch, chilling after hours in the local bar or running a marathon for the company charity, tweet about it and include pictures. This is a great way to show customers your human side and give them a real insight. Remember potential candidates are also following your tweets and tweeting about the social activities makes you a desirable career option.

Recruitment process

A huge percentage of candidates get dismayed by the dismal recruitment service prior to and after the interview. Some of the gripes from interviewees are: 

  • No one replied back to their questions on Twitter
  • Not being told they couldn’t park in the company car park
  • Receptionist hadn’t a clue about any interview
  • Being left in reception for up to an hour in some cases
  • Not offered any refreshments whilst waiting
  • Interviewer was rushed
  • The interview was static
  • The interviewer wasn’t confident in some of the answers he/she gave the applicant.
  • At the end of the interview the last word from the interviewer “We’ll be in touch” but they never did.

If you were to tweet about the recruitment process on Twitter then any good candidates will be fully aware of the process before they agree to attend the interview. For a candidate  it’s very reassuring to know what’s expected of them at the interview, where to park their car,what public transport will take you to the front door and exactly how long will it take for them to receive feedback after the interview. Twitter can help to make the whole recruitment process transparent.

Career opportunities  

Instead of tweeting job vacancy after job vacancy, tweet about the great career opportunities. Candidates love to know about other peoples job journey so tweet about some good career stories. A good way to do that would be to tweet a message, include a link to your website career page where employees tell their career stories.

Working environment 

Does your company boast a brilliant working environment? If so tweet about it and let potential candidates know. Candidates use Twitter as well as other platforms to research companies and employers and one of the things they look for are good working environments. Great working environment tweets always include a picture, here’s some to get you started.

What to tweet when you're tweeting about the working environment 

  • Positive wall art
  • Welcoming reception
  • Fully filled food station 
  • Comfortable chairs 
  • Latest technology
  • View from the window/s
  • Training room/s
  • Work stations
  • Happy employees

First step:     Make sure your company culture is how it should be 

Second step: Make sure you and your employees know the employer brand

Third step:    Get yourself and your employees some social media training

Fourth step:  Get tweeting 

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