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The newest marketing strategies always include a community as a part of it. What kind of community is that? It is the one residing on the Internet, of course. 

To promote a product and eventually sell it, you need to have a large group of people engaging with the company or the product that you are promoting. 

A community needs to grow, and the number of interactions also need to grow to make sure the sales go up. The person responsible for all of this is a community manager.

What are the responsibilities of a community manager?

First of all, a community manager needs to know all about social media and the different ways people interact on the many platforms.

Shares, likes, private messages, tweets – these are just some of the examples of interactions that a community manager uses in order to grow its community. 

Secondly, a community manager needs to have basic knowledge in analytics, content creation and management.

The former is used to make statistics about the community, while the latter is used to improve engagements. 

A community manager also needs to be familiar with other tools and platforms that play important roles in community building, such as WordPress, Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck, to name a few.

What other qualities does a community manager need?

There are several skills and qualities that one needs to have to do this job perfectly. 

Social Intelligence – knowing community means knowing the people and how to chat with them. You need to be familiar with their wishes and desires; you also need to do your best to contribute to fulfilling them.

Organisational skills – growing a community means doing several things at once. A good community manager needs to respond to messages quickly, plan further steps in the campaign, create and manage content as well as offer great customer service.

Passion – a good community manager, needs to be passionate about the brand that they are representing. They need to become the brand. They are the voice behind the brand that's directly exposed to the people on the internet. Only passionate community managers can identify themselves with the brand and promote it.

Adaptable – platforms for community management are changing rapidly. This happens because they are a part of the technological progress. This means that the ways that community is being built will change often. Not only platforms but strategies will also change. A good community manager needs to be up-to-date and be able to quickly come up with the best approach to growing the community in any new circumstances.

Writing Skills – most of the communication on the Internet is writing. You need to be a great copywriter, creative writer, and an on-line journalist to make your community successful.  

To sum up, a community manager is a job that every business will have in the future. It's already difficult to imagine a successful business without an army of people who interact with customers daily online. Remember that the power of the people in groups is the best marketing strategy there is. You only need to be competent enough to create and lead that group!

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Michael Ivanovic

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