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AI is reshaping the landscape of various industries, and recruitment is no exception.

With the majority of business tasks now being performed virtually, many recruiters are keen to make use of artificial intelligence to streamline their hiring processes. There are endless ways to make use of this technology, and with AI becoming ever more advanced, now is the perfect time for companies and candidates alike to take advantage of these developments.

Whether you’re a recruiter looking to optimise your recruitment process or a job seeker hoping to land your dream role, there are a few things that you need to know about the relationship between AI and recruitment. Coming up, we assess the potential uses of AI in the hiring process.

Screening candidates

Recruiters will often use automated systems as part of the screening process to identify potential candidates at a much more efficient rate. This not only applies to those who have submitted applications but also to those who are active on job sites and possess the qualifications and experience that the employer is looking for.

It can also be used to determine which candidates are likely to be successful in the role through screening their online behaviour, often by analysing their social media data, which helps employers to confidently make hiring decisions that are right for their business. Some employers also choose to use virtual interviews to screen candidates, which reduces the time and cost of the pre-screening process.

Candidate communications

Many job candidates will want to keep track of their submitted application, to ensure that it's reached the right department and is being considered. Ultimately, it’s not feasible for hiring managers to reach out to the potentially hundreds or even thousands of candidates who have replied for a role, so they may choose to employ AI tools for this task instead. This may be in the form of automated email updates, that let the candidate know exactly where their application is in the stages of recruitment.

Similarly, employers may choose to use AI chatbot tools, so that candidates can easily reach out to them with any questions that they may have. This cuts down on time spent communicating with candidates considerably and leaves plenty more time for the recruitment team to focus on the interview stages that must be conducted face-to-face.

Onboarding employees

Traditionally, new employees would receive job training through lengthy in-person sessions. With the help of AI, employees can now be onboarded through virtual learning sessions instead – this is a crucial development for remote companies, as well as brick-and-mortar businesses that want to streamline and simplify their onboarding process.

Not only does this free up company resources, but by relying on AI, businesses can ensure that employees are getting the quality training that they need, without the potential for human error. Often AI will be used to study industry trends, helping to identify exactly which information is most beneficial for new hires to learn.

To sum up

Knowing that companies now largely rely on AI for their recruitment tasks, candidates need to optimise their applications to be recognised as valuable by such technology. For employers, the use of AI both propels and streamlines recruitment processes, offering a more seamless experience for both the recruiter and potential employee.

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