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What do you get your work colleagues for the annual office Secret Santa? 

It’s that time of year again where office talk turns to Christmas decorations, the office party and who’s got who for Secret Santa! 

Office Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition where work colleagues put their names into a hat, and each then takes it turn to pull a name out. The name selected is who you buy a Christmas present for, it's always done in secret. The present gets wrapped up, the person's name is written on it and then placed under the office Christmas tree.

Usually, the total amount spent on an office Secret Santa is capped at £10.00. However, some offices spend more.

For this blog post, we will select some gifts for £10 or less and a few super secret Santa gifts which cost slightly more.

All the secret Santa gifts below are less than £10 

The first of our list is a great mug that anyone of your work colleagues will love, as long as they see the funny side! I’m sure they will!  An extra idea could be to add a couple of sachets of coffee inside the mug or for a special treat a couple of sachets of hot chocolate and marshmallows! It’s about going that extra mile to bring Christmas joy!


The daily mood update is a brilliant gift for that person in the office who’s mood changes like the weather. One day they’re super fun to be around, the next day though you daren’t say hello. The problem is you never know what mood they’re going to be in, but not anymore! This gift will help them alert the rest of the office to whether they can be approached or not! 

47 moods to choose from, so all their moods will be covered.

How about an office survival kit? Everything you need to survive a day in the office, this would be an ideal secret Santa gift for any new recruits.

The survival kit contains a paperclip, to hold it all together, a tea bag to remind one to relax and even a candle to brighten things up during the dark days! Of course, they’ll never need any of it, but it’s good fun.

This will make anyone who loves root analysis or customer user journey excited! A leather look post it note organiser! Containing three different colours of sticky notes as well as different coloured arrow index tabs! OMG, It's a post-it note Christmas heaven! 

Is the person you’re buying for someone who stares into space while pondering work challenges? Is so give them something to do while they ponder, get them a desktop distraction. A desktop putting set will help them with the toughest of challenges as well as doubling up as a stationary kit!

Have you got an angry work colleague to buy a secret Santa for? If so what about a desk duck shoot, whenever someone irritates them they can get their anger out by shooting a few ducks!

If you have a selfie lover in the office to buy for then a great secret Santa pressie for them is a selfie props gift, which contains everything they need for the perfect Christmas selfie. It comes With a selfie Christmas hat, a ho ho ho sign, Father Christmas beard and more!

For the person who constantly feels that they're in demand get them a thank you for visiting my desk sign, which tells people that they're number 129 in the queue!


Here are our super secret Santa gifts

These secret Santa gifts are slightly more than £10

For that work colleague who refuses to go to lunch and eats crusty cheese rolls at their desk. Crumbs are no longer a problem because by getting them a Star Wars R2-D2 Desk vacuum they’ll be able to eat, work and vacuum. This present world be great for any tech work colleagues, not saying they’re all Star Wars fans, just that they never take proper lunch breaks!

For the work colleague who likes always to be organised, this super secret Santa gift will do the job.  Goodbye messy desk, hello tidy desk! There’s a place for the post it notes, a coffee cup, pens, phone and even room for a stress toy!


For the ultimate secret Santa gift which isn't gimmicky but will be an aid for the whole year, get them the Ultimate Diary Planner.  The best desk buddy any work colleague could wish for to keep them organised and help them achieve great things. 

So there you have the Jobhop secret Santa selection!

Happy Christmas!

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